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Toys R Us is Peddling Crystal Meth Dealing Dolls to Kids

Offer your Kids a Crystal Meth Cooking Action Figure for Christmas

walter-white-breaking-bad-toy-inline It’s safe to say that Breaking Bad’s place among the greatest television dramas of all-time is secure. On the other hand, its place among the action figures at Toys ‘R Us may be a hangning by a thread.  The American toy shop Toys “R” Us has recently been criticised by parents for selling a range of drug dealer dolls based on the television series Breaking Bad.  One of the six-inch figures, which sell for $17.99 (£11.16), even portrays a dealer clutching a gun, with a detachable bag of cash and blue rocks of the drug crystal meth.  Others are dressed in Hazmat protective suits, with a description reading: “as [the] Breaking Bad action figure stares at you from inside his collector friendly clamshell package, he dares you to make your move.” [1]  The Time described the toy with a touch of irony saying that: “Pinkman comes with a gas mask, because the folks at Toys R Us are not the kind to forget about corporate responsibility. If your kids are going to grow up to run a meth lab, it’s never too early to teach them basic safety.” [2]  For those who don’t know, Breaking Bad is based on the character of high school chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, who goes into business with a former student, Jesse Pinkham, portrayed by Aaron Paul, producing and selling crystal meth in order to make money for his family before he dies from terminal cancer.  The series, which ended last year has won a slew of Emmys and other awards but is known for its violent scenes and high drama.

 The Petition to remove the Fictitious Drug Dealer from the Shelves

crystal-meth-for-kidsIt was not long before the retail store begin to regret its bad bit of judgment about agreeing to put a meth manufacturer on its shelves. It might not surprise you to learn that Toys R Us has faced a stormy wave of blowback from this curious marketing decision.  Parents took to the toy giant’s Facebook page to say that they did not want their teenagers to be exposed to drug dealing even at the age of 15.  One wrote: “Nothing says toys for kids like an action figure with a bag of crystal meth. I can’t wait for my 15 year to grow up like that.”  [Another added: “A new low … Breaking Bad toys? Come on! Pull them and be done with this nonsense and have just a morsel of common sense and decency.” [3]   Mother Susan Schrivjer, from Fort Myers, Florida, has now launched an online petition urging Toys “R” Us to remove the dolls from its shelves.  ‘I was very shocked and appalled,’ Susan Schrivjer told the Today show about stumbling across the figures.[4] Susan Schrivjer has posted a petition on Change.org.  She also appeared on The Today Show to make her case more publicly.


Susan Schrivjer

The petition says: “Toys “R” Us is well known around the world for their vast selection of toys for children of all ages. However their decision to sell a Breaking Bad doll, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth, alongside children’s toys is a dangerous deviation from their family friendly values.  [5] “That’s why I’m calling on Toys “R” Us to immediately stop selling the Breaking Bad doll collection in their stores and on their website.”  The petition on the website Change.org, called “Remove Breaking Bad dolls from their shelves”, has already received more than 2,300 signatures.  Mrs Schrivjer went on: “While the show may be compelling viewing for adults, its violent content and celebration of the drug trade make this collection unsuitable to be sold alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters.” [6]

“Parents and grandparents around the world shop at Toys R Us, online and in stories, with their children and should not be forced to explain why a certain toy comes with a bag of highly dangerous and illegal drugs or why someone who sells those drugs deserves to be made into an action figure.” [7]

But let’s be clear: Schrivjer is a fan of the show. “I thought the show was great,” she told WFTX. “It was riveting.” But these toys? They gotta go! [8]  The Time says almost the same thing, being very pessimistic about the future of those action figures: “Really, Toys R Us, there is absolutely no surviving this one. Back up the truck, pack up the toys and send them to a landfill.” [9]


Bryan Cranston’s Reaction

Bryan Cranston has broken his silence and responded to the Florida mom who started a petition against Toys “R” Us for selling Breaking Bad action figures. The actor, who portrayed meth manufacturer Walter White in the hit AMC series, took to Twitter on Monday, Oct. 20, and joked about the matter.  “‘Florida mom petitions against Toys ‘R Us over Breaking Bad action figures.’ I’m so mad, I’m burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest,” he humorously tweeted. [10]


Mark Dice’s Rant about the Crystal Meth Action Figures

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