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Ben Carlson: Anarchy May Force Cancellation Of 2016 Election

ben-carlson  Ben Carlson: Anarchy May Force Cancellation Of 2016 Election ben carlsonDr. Ben Carson, a popular Tea Party activist and Fox News contributor who says he will likely seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016, said on Sunday that he is seriously concerned that there will not be 2016 elections in the United States because the country could be in anarchy by that point. His reasons: the growing national debt, ISIS, and the U.S. Senate’s refusal to consider legislation passed by the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. TV Host Chris Wallace noted that in light of his potential presidential campaign, Carson’s previous comments were now under a greater spotlight. He noted Carson’s August comment that if the Republicans don’t win a majority in the Senate this year, the 2016 elections might not even be held and asked the retired neurosurgeon if he stood by it:

WALLACE: You said recently that there might not even be elections in 2016 because of widespread anarchy. Do you really believe that?

CARSON: I hope that that’s not going to be the case. But certainly there’s the potential because you have to recognize that we have a rapidly increasing national debt, a very unstable financial foundation, and you have all these things going on like the ISIS crisis that could very rapidly change things that are going on in our nation. And unless we begin to deal with these things in a comprehensive way and in a logical way there is no telling what could happen in just a couple of years.

Carson then noted that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has “over three hundred bills sitting on his desk” that he won’t bring to the floor for a vote, “thereby thwarting the will of the people.” Carson finished a close second Saturday in a straw poll at the 2014 Values Voters Summit for 2016 presidential preferences. Despite Carson’s fears, some would say, the United States has held presidential elections every four years since 1788, despite a civil war, two world wars, and a great depression. But never before the United States had a radical leftist in the White House that has no restrain on what he’s willing to do to get his socialist agenda passed. Considering all the criminal acts he have perpetrated so far, how he ignored the Constitution in almost everything he did, some people say that he may as well stage a crisis so big that will allow him to declare martial law before the 2016 elections. If we take a look at how he dealt with the border and the ebola crisis (which he seems more interested to exarcebate than to solve) I think that we can expect the worse. The United States would then be stuck with him as a dictator for another while giving him just enough time to hit the few last last nails in the coffin of the United States of America. It seems that this “nightmarish” scenario is contemplated at least by some. Carson has been no stranger to controversial comments since he became active in politics. In March of 2013, he compared same-sex marriage to bestiality and NAMBLA. That October, he decried the Affordable Care Act as “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” adding that the law “is slavery, in a way.” And earlier this month, Carson defended former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice, saying people should stop “demonizing” him and suggesting that his wife also shared some of the blame for being attacked, opining that “they both need some help.”

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