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Joe Biggs’ “ISIS Bucket” Obama Challenge

In a satirical video, reporter Joe Biggs from infowars.com calls out Obama for leaving the Southern Border wide open for ISIS, while pointing out the irony that the administration helped create ISIS, when they try to act as though they are actually fighting against the terrorist organization.

Since you have made it so easy for the caliphate ISIS group to come into your country, I challenge you…president Barack Obama to take the ISIS head bucket challenge.  Do not listen to your conservative swine or your patriotic groups or Tea Party…ignore them! Leave the borders wide open for me and my brethren to come in and do psychotic things. You created us. Love us! Let us in. Let us go running around and killing- taking places over! That’s why you made us, isn’t it? I will take this bucket of heads…and dump it on me! This is the ISIS head bucket challenge, president Barack Obama! TAKE IT! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu akbar!

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Stoneout deBrowning is a former dropout from Ville-Vanier Quebec, Canada who lived the live style of a perfect "Cultural Marxist" for almost 35 years. Then, after doing some research into politics he discovered the real agenda of the "left" and he didn't like it very much. To make the story short, the man had a "conservative awakening" and now he is back with a vengence.

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