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Nikki Minaj – Signing Boobs as “Women Empowerment”

Signing Boobs as Women Empowerment

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Empowering womens by signing their tits

To add stupidity on top of idiocy, probably to ecourage young girls to rely on other qualities than just sex appeal, Minaj has made “signing boobs” part of her movement to “empower women.” [1]   Signing boob is a new trend that she started in which she’s signing her autograph on other people chest. o get a Boob Signing by her Minajesty, one needs to buy a VIP ticket to one of the events where Nicki Minaj will perform.  The VIP pass holder gets the right to enter backstage and get their boobs signed.  Since it is not everybody that has access to Nikki Garbage to get their boobs signed, this tend to encourages other people to sign each other boobs just for the fun of it. This is absolutely fantastic, especially when you’re a bunch of 7 to 10 years old little girls who want to be trendy and act like your favorite pop star.

Nikki Minaj hasn’t only signed breasts, she has also signed the behind of a larger “Barbie.”  Nikki can also sign pictures—typical “Meet ‘N Greet” sessions on the I Am Music II Tour and the Femme Fatale Tour included a photo with Minaj as part of the VIP package.  Maybe on day she’ll sign your 7 year old boy’s rear end or your 6 years old daughter’s chest one day.  The other thing that Nikki Garbage like to to is to encourages girl to maculinize themselves.  She have a totally disconnected view of herself as being some kind of “tom-boy” that is easily supassing most men in many area of endeavors.  Feminists love it, LGBT people and gender bending enthusiasts are absolutely crazy about it also.  In an interview with The Guardian, Minaj says she is competing with both male and female rappers, explaining that “That’s why I say stuff like, ‘Dick in your face’, because I don’t even wanna refer to female genitalia any more. … I just feel I have bigger balls than the boys”. In her song “Moment 4 Life”, she refers to herself as a king instead of a “queen”. [2]


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