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nikki minaj's new song about cocaïne dealers & pills popping Nikki Minaj’s New Song about Cocaïne Dealers & Pills Popping Nicki Minaj  620x330

Nikki Minaj’s New Song about Cocaïne Dealers & Pills Popping

Big Butt, Big Boobies and Bubble Gum Rap

Nicki-Minaj-nikki-garbage nikki minaj's new song about cocaïne dealers & pills popping Nikki Minaj’s New Song about Cocaïne Dealers & Pills Popping Nicki Minaj nikki garbage Nikki Minaj is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and actress.   Minaj who has been described as “one of the biggest bottom feeder in the industry” [1] gained public notability after releasing the mixtapes Playtime is Over (2007), Sucka Free (2008), and Beam Me Up Scotty (2009).  In the world of right-wing and conservative culture analysis, Nikki Minaj is what is commonly refered to as a “signing stripper.”  The most accurate description of her has been provided by pop culture analyst Mark Dice who described her as a “big butted bisexual brain dead babylonian baboon pill popping pronographic pop star pig trashy trendy tripe trivial toxic tremp with no talent”  [2] Minaj came on the scene after getting signed to Lil Wayne’s label, “Young Money Entertainment” and it is common knowledge that she managed to get  the attention of  the main stream media mainly because of her highly curvaceous figure. [3]  Minaj has been described by some medias as the “black Lady Gaga” due to her use of outlandish costumes and wigs, but Minaj herself has rejected such comparisons. [4]  The Huffington Post described Minaj’s fashion as “risk-taking”, “far-out”, with “bold sartorial choices”, [5] . For those who dont already know, it may be interesting for you to know (especially if your 7 years old daughter is a fan) that her pseudo name “Minaj” is a stage name short for minajatwa, meaning “menages a trois,” Nikki three way, Nikki threesome…” [6]

Billboard named Minaj the fourth most-active musician on social media on their Social 50 chart in March 2011. [7] On Twitter, she is the most followed rapper in the world. [8]  She overtly champions the “diversity” and “multiculturalist” new world order paradigms claiming that she love all kind of people without any kind of discriminations.  Looking herself like an inflatable sex doll, it will suprise nobody to learn that Minaj’s average fan base is composed of mainly of hyper-sexualized young girls and LGBT peoples coming mostly from the Dance Clubs and NightLife crowd.   Oddly enough, on Twitter and in public appearances and interviews, Minaj refers to her fans collectively as “Barbs” and her male heterosexual and LGBT following as “Boys” and “Ken Barbs” respectively, [9] alluding to her “Harajuku Barbie persona.  Critics have noted Minaj’s use of various sexual identities within her music, [10]  with some implying that she is bisexual. [11] However, she has said that she does not date or have sex with women, [12] but added in an interview with Out magazine, “I don’t date men either.” [13]  an interview with Vibe she commented, “I just embrace all people of all lifestyles and I don’t tell them they are bad people. … But I feel like people always wanna define me and I don’t wanna be defined.” [14]

Nikki Minaj or Nikki “garbage” like pop culture analyst Mark Dice like to call her, is adored by little girls around the world which is kind of scary because “the content of her music couldn’t be more demonic.”  [15]   We know that a great number of those “signing strippers” in Pop Music have “handlers” who direct their career.  Some of Nikki Minaj comments seems to indicate that she may have been “instructed” to alter her style in order to meet certain requirement from her management team and the big promotion machine that is surrounding her at some point of her career.  Defending herself against critics that qualifies her style as “bubblegum rap,”  which is a genre of pop music with an upbeat sound contrived and marketed to appeal to pre-teens and teenagers often produced in an assembly-line process, Minaj explained that she was “authentic” and unsuccessful back in the days, but that she really started to get popular when she started acting like a slut:

“What people don’t know is that before I was doing that craziness I was doing me, I was just doing regular sounding rap that anyone could hear and identify with. But once I started doing all that weird shit—im not mad at it because it got everyone’s attention.”  [16]

Kikki Minaj’s New Pornographic Video: Anaconda

nicki-minaj-anaconda nikki minaj's new song about cocaïne dealers & pills popping Nikki Minaj’s New Song about Cocaïne Dealers & Pills Popping nicki minaj anacondaThe only one out there that seems to really understand pop culture, conspiracy researcher Mark Dice, qualified the new Kikki Minaj video as  “basically pornographic” and he described the musical and choregraphical performance that it contains as “mindless moronic masturbation material” [17]  In this video, he tells us, “she’s signing about popping pills, carrying a gun in her purse and braging about how her boyfriend slangs cocaine…[…] That exacly the kind of girl we would want to introduce to our children…”[17b]   Some people would say that Mark Dice is a christian and that he may be a little bit oversensitive about the level of desinhibition that is featured in the video but I can assure you ladies and gentlemen that Nikki Garbage is not sending coded signals in her latest release.  She litterally humps everything in the video, thrusting her pelvis on people, poles, chairs, doors… everything.  She makes her fat ass go up and down and she have it swinging around like if it was a big bag of mashed potatoes displaying moves that have been taken straight from pornographic movie.  At the end of the video we have her teasing a man sitting on a chair with her butt… she’s swinging it in his face and squeezing it on his crotch tirelessly like if this big blob of fat was the seventh wonder of the world.

nicki-minaj-anaconda (2) nikki minaj's new song about cocaïne dealers & pills popping Nikki Minaj’s New Song about Cocaïne Dealers & Pills Popping nicki minaj anaconda 2

nikki-garbage-- nikki minaj's new song about cocaïne dealers & pills popping Nikki Minaj’s New Song about Cocaïne Dealers & Pills Popping nikki garbageThe funniest thing of all, especially when you see ther “Anaconda” video, is the fact that  Nikki Minaj said a couple of times that she originally felt obligated to mimic the provocative behaviors that the “female rappers of [her] day.”  She also said that she expressed her intentions of initially subduing her sexuality because she “[wants] people—especially young girls—to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.” [18]  Well, it goes without saying that she failed miserabily on this aspect of the game despite what she may think.  And we can tell from first hand experience that she is not encouraging the little girls of the world to become nuclear physicists either, especially when we look at all the stuff she is showing them in her latest videos.  At the moment that we’re writting those lines Nikki Garbage’s Anaconda video just top Miley Cyrrus Wreckig Ball for the m ost viewed moronic music video.” [19]

Ellen Degenerate Introduces Nikki Garbage to 7 Years Old

introducing-her-to-a-signin nikki minaj's new song about cocaïne dealers & pills popping Nikki Minaj’s New Song about Cocaïne Dealers & Pills Popping introducing her to a signinAll the parents and heads of families out there, if you doubt just for a second that your 7 year old daughter is the real “target” of this peculiar “brand” of pop music you are greatly mistaken. How this kind of connection happens?  How does your kid get introduced to this garbage without you knowing about it?  Well, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s everywhere on TV and it is featured in the most main stream family programs you can think of.  For example, recently talk show host Ellen Degeneres, or Ellen Degenerate, like Mark Dice like to call her, had two little girls on her show, Sofia Grace (8 years old) and her cosin Rosie (5 years old), who Ellen proudly introduced as “Nicki’s biggest fans,” and then surprised them by bringing Nicki Minajatwa on the show to meet them. “I want your new album,” one of the girls screamed as she jumped up dans down in delight. [21]    Here is how Mark Dice described the scene:

We can see her in the video below when she introduced Nikki Garbage biggest fans… poisoning the mind of these poor little girls … look at this look at these little kids…  introducing them to a singing satanic stripper… just a dememented  demon of pill popping promoting piece of thrash.”[22]

Dice would say later in another of his videos that he think that “Ellen Degeneres should be arrested for child abuse.”  [23]  What is the most unsettling he observed in his book The Illuminati in the Music Industry, is the fact that “Nikki’s image seems specifically designed to appeal to children because of her persona and style is that of a living doll.”  [24] The advice Mark Dice is giving his viewers concerning Nikki Minaj and other similar “satanic strippers” is to “delete the digital demons from your ipods and other materials, unfollow…” [25]

sophie_grace_ellen_degenera nikki minaj's new song about cocaïne dealers & pills popping Nikki Minaj’s New Song about Cocaïne Dealers & Pills Popping sophie grace ellen degenera

Introducing the poor little girl to a signing stripper

Minaj Back-Up Dancer Bitten by a Snake

During the VMA rehearsal, one of Nikki Minaj’s backup dancers was bitten by a 6-foot-long boa constrictor named Rocky who was being used as a prop during the song, MTV reported. Minaj was onstage and rushed to her dancer’s side after the bite occurred.  Even though the snake wasn’t venomous, the female dancer was treated at the scene where her wound was cleaned and then taken to the hospital to prevent a bacterial infection “out of an abundance of caution,” Chris Velvin, director of production safety for Viacom Media Networks, told MTV.  Velvin said an animal handler was nearby and removed the snake, a Dumeril’s boa constrictor that had worked in the industry for 15 years, from the set. “It is in no way life-threatening, but scary,” Velvin told MTV. “We wanted her to start getting treatment as soon as possible.” The plan is to use a different snake for Minaj’s sure-to-be risqué act.  MTV noted that the incident occurred when the dancer was carrying the snake draped around her shoulders.   Of course our favorite cultural analyse, Mark Dice, rapidly issued a video commenting the event in which he said:

“Some may say it’s karma, bringing a satanic serpent into stage for the verbal diarea music awards the vocal maggot abomination, the VMA awards, and of course it turns and bites on of the signers…” [26]

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