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“Everybody Naked!” – A Book for Kids that Bogles the Mind!

arton829-d8cf5Another proof that the “liberals” and “progressists” that have infiltrated every departments of the educational system have totally lost perspectives.  I think that we can even say that they sometimes even show signs of mental illness when we examine what they have the nerve to try to present us as “education.”   Some of them are literally left overs from the sixties who never recovered from their hippie dreams.  The lastest idiocy that came out of their magic hat  is a French book for young children called: “Tous le monde à poil” which can be translated as “Everybody naked!”   Hard to believe that with all  the marvelous things the world has to offer to a young children in terms of discoveries and astonishments, author and graphic artist Marc Daniau came up with the brilliant idea that it was the perfect time to help them dedramatize nudity and get them interested into genitalias.  At least one French politician was offended and outraged by the publication of this book, his name was Jean-François Cope. 

Jean-Francois Copé

Jean-Francois Copé is a French politician, who served as Mayor of Meaux and member of the sixth district of Seine-et-Marne, he held several ministerial portfolios in the governments of Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Dominique de Villepin. He was Secretary General of the UMP between 2010 and 2012 and then became president between 2012 and 2014.  On Sunday Febuary 9 2014 at the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro, [1] he strongly denounced the book  Everybody nakedThis album for children, published by Rouergue in 2011, is “unacceptable”  to him. “It comes from the National Center for Educational Documentation, it’s part of the list of recommended books for teachers as the teachers to primary school children,” he says. I had nothing but frustration and turning the pages, “Naked baby, naked babysitter, naked neighbors, naked granny, furry dog … Naked mistress … You see, it is great for the authority of teachers! “. “When I saw that, my heart missed a beat,” he says.  Really unhappy, he said: “There must bea  time when, in paris, we will have to come back down to earth about what is being done in this country. And it’s the role of the managers to say enough is enough. ” [2]


Marc Daniau

However, contrary to his assertions, the book is not mandated by the Ministry of Education. But it is true that it does appears in a list of a hundred books recommended by ardéchoise association, Workshop wonders. This bibliography, entitled “Equality for girls and boys,” dating back to 2009 and since updated, was released by the delegations of women’s rights and recovered by the regional educational resource center of Grenoble Academy which included it on its website. And page of this academy is also in connection to the site of the ABCD of equality in “teaching tools.” The author of the book, , replied to the Cope’s condemnation:

Everybody naked(ed. Rouergue) appears for some time in a list of ardéchoise association listing 100 books to speak of equality between girls and boys. This list was provided by the regional center for educational documentation of the Academy of Grenoble and therefore suggested to teachers. It’s probably because the title of the book is effective as Jean-Francois Cope and his communications team chose to present it as an example on the set of LCI. Yet, what do you find offensive? These are images with very little text, a list of characters that we see undress. At the end of the book, they find themselves at the beach, naked and go swimming in joy and good humor. Our characters are figures from the newspaper or a child’s imagination: there is the staff canteen, the school teacher (it refers to the song “the lady in a bathing suit“). To see what he says and how he uses in his argument, reading Jean-Francois Cope grid seems superficial. Above all, he is targeting the wrong enemy. [3]

Faced with the rantings of Jean-Francois Cope, the government has begun to respond. Vincent Peillon called back to reason” and “let the kids quiet in this election time.” The Minister of Education ruled that he trusted the parents and teachers: “There are lists of books that are available to them after they have freedom or not to buy buy . [4]

The health minister, Marisol Touraine, proved dubious. What is the purpose of Mr. Cope? On agitate and divide? Has it requested. “It is not by a return to the moral order, not surfing the worries and tensions that can exist right clarify his position,” she added.  [5]

The eve of a new day of withdrawal from school, Jean-Francois Cope has voluntarily chosen to side with those who attack this fundamental institution Republican school: it is a breach of trust entire educational community in our country is unacceptable, “lamented the spokesman and Minister of women’s Rights, Najat VallaudBelkacem. [6]


You got to admit, not your “conventional” book for children

The author of this piece of garbage doesn’t seem to realize that it would  have been much less of a big deal if some children somewhere would have accidentally stumble upon his filthy drawings, because, like he said, they are not that “graphic.”  But what he failed to understand is that what is really creepy and scary for most parents is to know that there are some people like him, sitting behind desks, imagining, conceiving and marketing books like this that are designed to being picked up by progressive educational institutions.   So-called educational books that are introducing nudism, nudity and desinhibition to a brand new generation of “strippers.”  What is out of place is that the childrens are “targetted” with this kind of information.  Gender Studies intellectuals don’t want the children to discover their bodies and other people’s bodies at their own rythm in due time, no!  They want to speed up the process and intervene in helping the children chosing the “right” attitudes to have about the most intimates subject matters and what attitudes “not to have.”  It’s their insistence that is creepy and their devious tactics are even creepier and Marc Daniau’s insidious book is a perfect example of that.  The fact that they work so hard to “touch” our children’s heart on such sensitive topics at such a young age is enough to raise up suspicions and must be seen as an unsollicited and undesirable intrusion in family affairs.  Trying to temper with a child’s representation of pudor at such a young age is not only improper but it is totally outside the scope of what public education should be concern about.  This book is not recommended for any children anywhere for any reason and must frown upon and considered as being just another proof that progressist intelectuals in the field of education are out of control and want to spread the gospel of Gender Studies everywhere going as far as the kindergarden.

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