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French Canadian Socialists let LGBT Agenda into Kidergarden

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Workers Unions Pushes Stealth Sex-Ed and LGBT Agenda in Kindergarden

jacques French Canadian Socialist to have LGBT Education in Kidergarden French Canadian Socialists let LGBT Agenda into Kidergarden jacquesThe french canadian socialists really have it all.   All kinds of big government tyrannies that other countries are fighting to resist, the cluless people of the canadian province of Quebec applauds, approves and worship them like if they were a gift from the gods.  They really have it all: big government, multiculturalism, disarmament, dumbed down educational system, workers unions all over the place, sex education, gay marriage, a disfunctional socialist health care system, anti-manifestation laws, 50% income tax, 15% sale tax, electricity monopoly, booze monopoly, gambling monopoly, climates changes pundits everywhere, etc…  When I said that people from the province of Quebec have all of the crap that any free society is fleeing from and fighting against,  I mean ALL OF IT.   And the tragedy is that they love it, they love being submissive, they love being told what to do, they love being told what to think and they ask for second every time a new tyrrany comes in.   Now, like if it wasn’t enough, the Central Bureau of Quebec’s Worker Unions (CSQ) wants topics about homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender to be addressed in early childhood centers (CPE), and also in primary schools.   If the initiative is accepted, the books that would be offered to very young children have titles as the following: Dad wears a dress, the girl who wanted to be a boy, the princess who did not like the princes, Tango has two daddies, etc.  See video.

Believe it or not, in the most expensive and one of the most inefficient school system on the face of the Earth, where the rate of children who can not read and write properly is ridiculously high, the Workers Unions decided that it was now necessary and urgent that our children learn to love trannies!

Jacques Petrin, the initiator of this approach to the CSQ, in a pathetic attempt to re-assured concerned parents who are seeing this as an attempt to instaure sex education in pre-school establisments, explained that he is not addressing the issue of sexuality in the CPE.

We will try to work on the issue of gender stereotypes to deconstruct a number of things. The youth will therefore move in do not fit with what the company is planning. After the primary, we will address the issue of the diversity of families and pursue the issue of stereotypes. [1]


[1]  http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/infos/national/archives/2014/08/20140805-133114.htm

Critical Theory and Gender Studies Invades the Whole School System

sans-dessein French Canadian Socialist to have LGBT Education in Kidergarden French Canadian Socialists let LGBT Agenda into Kidergarden sans dessein

Jacques Pétrin having fun with his little “books”

Thus, Mr. Petrin believes that once arrived at school, the young are ready to hear about homosexuality and bisexuality in particular. What doesn’t add up is the fact that according to him the children will be able to understand LGBT issues without any basic understanding on human sexuality.  How would those kid will be able to understand thos “stereotypes” without grasping on what biological caracteristics that are underlying them?  The truth is that they probabaly WILL have sex education in kindergarden if this measure is adopted.  This is just sex education in disguided coupled with a brainwashing agenda that seeks to instruct the children “what” to think about certain subjects.   This is also an attempt to “sexualize” the children at an even earlier age so they get obsessed with sexual relationship so early that it is impossible for them to learn anything of value in school so they end up as being dependent on the welfare state.

The key words here is Petrin’s utilisation of the word “deconstruction.”  It may passed unoticed to the parent of those poor kids that are about to be endoctrinated but it certainly means something to scholars that are involved into Gender Studies and those other fashionable subjects that are now everywhere in our universities. Deconstruction is a form of philosophical and literary analysis derived principally from Jacques Derrida’s 1967 work Of Grammatology. In the 1980s it designated more loosely a range of theoretical enterprises in diverse areas of the humanities and social sciences, including—in addition to philosophy and literature—law, anthropology, historiography, linguistics,sociolinguistics,psychoanalysis, political theory, feminism, and gay and lesbian studies.

Once the measures in place, teachers will be instructed to use the story of a man who decides to dresses to instill socialist youth need to “deconstruct stereotypes.” At 6 years, even before they have learned to build something, so teachers teach our children to “deconstruct”. Quite a nihilistic program to make our darlings real machines consume lost they will be in a world where they will be forbidden to build any kind of pattern, any hierarchy of values, under penalty of being considered “stigmatizers .

Gay and Gender issues are a Waste of Time and Ressources

rainbow_court-LGBT French Canadian Socialist to have LGBT Education in Kidergarden French Canadian Socialists let LGBT Agenda into Kidergarden rainbow court LGBTThe socialists pundits like Jacques Pétrin, who are generally themselve part of the LGBT community, would have people believe that sex is the central and dominant theme in any healthy human being’s life and that gay related issues are a central and a major problem in modern societies society.   The are preaching for their own cause and tend to see the whole world through the prism of their own sexual obsessions.  And now they want to have a direct access to YOUR CHILDRENS and a a word to say about what they are learning.  Those LGBT people don’t seem to realize that sexuality is generally more of a big issue for gay people (since they are a minority) than it is for heterosexuals people for whom sex is just another area of their lives like so many others.  But still, they insist to push sex into the main arena of society’s biggest and more pressant problems.   Sex related issues are nothing important and must be relegated in the sphere of public health and public hygiene.  This is even more true for gay related issues are the LEAST of our problems right now.  Homophobic acts doesn’t concerns us any more than religious moqueries, insults related to physical appearances or anything else.  When homophobia crosses the acceptable frontiers of free speech it’s called “assault” and there is the police to take care of that.  No need to endoctrinate children to the cradle.  This is an absolute shame that those pressure groups are dilapidating public funds and tax payers money dwelling in those issues when REAL PROBLEMS like overtaxation, big government, political corruption and the poor quality of public education remains unadressed.   In our present context of social turmoil and constant economic crisis we have, as a society, just as much time for Gay related isssues as a drowning man has time for masturbation.  It is time for the people obsessed with the homosexual agenda to calm down realize that neither the rich nor the political class really care for their “cause.”  They are being used as liberal voting blocks and as political tool to screw up the system and artificially create the need for reforms that, once passed, will prove to be unfavorable to the middle class in general and for the normal heterosexual families in particular.  While they have us quarelling around those false problems, elites, billionaires and politically connected comportions are robing the bank.   The LGBT crowd and all the gay issues obsessed pseudo-intellectuals cannot even begin to figure out that they are being used  as “pawns” in a sick marxist game that aims to destroy the conventional family as an institution and ultimately bring down Western civilisation.   Early sex education is a well known system of endoctrination that has been used over and over again in Eastern European countries.  It prevent the emergence of intellectuals, rebelious and independent spirits by holding everybody back at the lowest common denominator: sex. Clearly, every countries where such a system has been implanted it was later unmasked as another attempt coming from radical socialists and big government’s controls freaks to rob the kids of their childhood, to rid them of their innocence, and endotrinate them into the philosophy of collectivism where they will become the helpless servant of the state.

The Proposal Generated a Little Bit of Dicontent, but it’s not Enough!

rainbow-discontent French Canadian Socialist to have LGBT Education in Kidergarden French Canadian Socialists let LGBT Agenda into Kidergarden rainbow discontentThis proposal is already generating reactions on social networks and in the mass medias. Some cluless parents see it as a good way to demystify prejudices while others wonder what use this approach with children who do not yet questioning their sexual identity. The french canadian media outlet that first reported the news managed to find at least one specialist who disagree and who is brave enough to go public with his disagrement. This is waht Aegis Royer had to say on the subject:

“The attitude we usually recommend is naturally answer questions from children. If stakeholders PBS and family daycare have equipment to help them respond better. But personally, I would not recommend that we have a specific reading on topics like these child care “[1]

A similar measure had raised discontent in France.

In France the initiative was pushed by the teatcher’s Union (SNUipp-FSU) and they published a 195 pages thick guide for the teachers in order to guide them in the process of “educating against homophobia”  and in order to providing them with “tools” to fight homophobic tendencies in the classroom in the day to day teaching activities.  Edith Boivin is a teacher in large section in Dijon and worked on “Daddy wears a dress” with her ​​students. Here is how the guide sums up the experience:

Upon first reading the students were very attentive. They realized that the subject was more “complicated” than usual and Edith urged them to “think about things we do not usually talk.”

According to the guide, the parent’s reluctance toward sex education in early primary school and kindergarden not always involve ideological presuppositions or religious, but “more often ignorance and a lack of information.”  (p. 13)  According to the authors of the guide, “genders are the main enemy of equality.” (p.18)  So once again, we are seeing the communist mumbo jumbo is now pumped into our kid’s soft head as soon as kindergarden right in front of our eyes.  Equality is an abstraction, it has never existed and will never exist. The whole bugus struggle for “equality” is part of the delusional freemasonic and communist utopias whose ideological bakruptcy has been demonstrated time and time again.  The main issue our kids should be concerned with is not equality but freedom.  But the socialists would never allow them to think about that.

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[1]  http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/infos/national/archives/2014/08/20140805-133114.htm

The Book “Dad Wear a Dress”: A Real Piece of Shit!

papa-robe French Canadian Socialist to have LGBT Education in Kidergarden French Canadian Socialists let LGBT Agenda into Kidergarden papa robeOne of the book proposed by Jacque Pétrin’s school reform, is called “Papa porte une Robe” (Daddy wears a dress).  This ridiculous book tells the story of a boxer who is raising her son alone. This piece of thras has been calld “an original and provocative approach for children with gender nonconformity and album.”  The story is about Jo Cigale who is a renowned boxer and also a widower who lives alone with his son Gege, 7 years. Jo is known for his courage, strength and exceptional footwork. Unfortunately, during a fight, he takes such blows to the head that dropped, it must give up boxing. He starts hearing a noise in his head. Since he must find work to raise her son, his doctor suggested that he become a dancer (because of its flexible legs!).   Unortunately for him, Jo took the doctor at his words and through a friend, Hervé Musicol, he was hired to  replace a dancer which he did successfully. He went on starting a career as a transvestite dancer and took the stage name of “Marie-Jo.” But because of the noise in his head, Jo sometimes forgets to remove his dress when he come home which bring shame to his young son who is mocked by his friends at school. One day a wealthy neighbor loses his cat, and the fire captain, despite his “large scale”, is unable to find him. Jo goes through there at night, climbs the tree and save the cat, losing one of  his “carmine red shoe”  in the process.  The neighbor looking for the good samaritan who saved his cat had the captain find the foot that fits the shoe, for the “cover of millions.” After months of research, the fireman rings Jo’s doorbell where he find the young Gege explaining that the owner of the shoe is in fact his dad.  Because of his selfless heroic act, Jo went on becoming the hero of the village, who finally accepts his outfit  The mayor concluded with these words:

My dear citizens, the woman wearing the dress and pants, why should it be any different for boys?

The cover of the book shows a purple face shaven-headed man who puts on makeup eyelids. The illustrations combine different visual techniques (drawing, painting, photography, collage) to represent the firefighter as an articulated doll that will speak to children as much as their GLBT parents! This large format album is accompanied by a disk of about fifteen minutes that picks up the story as a musical tale, which goes well with allusions to La Fontaine or Cinderella.  In short, a pure piece of propaganda where the cartoonist is trying to create an artificial emotional attachment between LGBT fictional characters and the kids in order to alter their way of classifying and evaluating all the things related to gender way before the emergence of any sexual behavior.  This cannot be labelled anything else than “brainwashing,” a neferious “intervention” in the normal development of children  that are supposed to be busy playing in a sand squares with trucks and dolls.

Dad Wears a Dress has received a lots of critics, but most of them are just for the title because, according to the authors, “it is no longer in print for years.” One of  its authors, Piotr Barsony, wanted to respond.

Marine Le Pen, Christine Boutin, Eric Zemmour, Jacques Seguela spreadin the media, and hundredsof onlin ein social networks, outraged bythe supposed arrival in schools a book, Dad is wearing a dress, the National Education would, according to them, put on the agenda of CP. But this is completely wrong.It happens that Iam one of the authors of this book, released in 2004, now out of print and absent book stores. He is reborn inthe mouths of these detractors as a satanic rant that glorify homosexuality and transsexuality. [1]


[1] Papa porte une robe”, c’est un père qui veut élever dignement son fils, in Libertaion.fr.

Petrin’s Idiotic Project will Most Certainly be Approved

gay-lgbt-petrin French Canadian Socialist to have LGBT Education in Kidergarden French Canadian Socialists let LGBT Agenda into Kidergarden gay lgbt petrinThe french canadian communist mole Jacques Petrin will present his ludicrous project later in the fall of 2014 to schools and CPE everywhere in the province.  Unfortunately, there is not many obstacles that are standing between him and his nefarious objectives since, in final analysis, it will eventually return to each CPE to decide if they offer this type of reading to children.  The proposition will most certainly not encounter many resistance on the part of the teachers who have been prepared for this kind of lunacy in they study programs in the french canadian Universities since a very long time.  Furthermore, the teachers in place in the CPE and primary schools right now are almost all childrens of the 60s, 70s and 80s which means (when one is familiar with french canadian social fabric) that they are mostly all about peace, love, sex, drug  and rock n roll.   Pétrin will be preaching to the choir.  Of course all of this must first be approved by the parent council but, once again, most people in Quebec are totally buying into the “rainbow culture” and there will be no religious opposition since Christianity has been eradicated a long time ago in this region of time and space.  Another factor is that the people of the french Province of Quebec are very agressively propagandized about those subject on a daily basis in literally ALL of the french canadian media outlets. On top of having abandoned their religious faith long ago, very few french canadian parents have  the intellectual background (a good understanding of critical theory, gender studies, marxism, etc.)  to understand the extend of the fraud that is being perpetrated against them.  Unfortunately, once again, french canadians will be served with the worst of the worst in the universe of “social engineeering” and they will serve once again as unsuspecting guiney pigs for the most insidious combines coming out of the UNESCO and the Rockefeller Foundation.  And you can be assured that they will be made to think that this precautious brainwashing is a benediction coming right from heaven through propaganda and peer pressure.  I have full confidence that they are going to buy it all and they they will drink Jacques Pétin’s Kool-Aid like if it was the nectar of the gods.

Source: SNUipp-FSU (teachers’ union), PDF page 76 report.


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