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The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes

Enters the Super-Victims…

fagman-lgbt  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes fagman lgbt They were to be expected and now that are here: The Gay Superheroes.   Yes ladies and gentlemen, that’s right!  Whether you like it or not, the rainbow culture is conquering all spheres of our society and the Comic Book world is no exception. The LGBT mafia want a piece of everything. They started to bitch about the fact that there was not enough ‘diversity’ in the comic/cartoon world and that the genre was not inclusive towards gays, trangenders, black, hispanics, disabled people and drag queens.  They started to put pressure on artists, editors, publishers and that’s it! That why we now have gay superheroes.  They now come in comic books format and they are standing ready to educate your childrens about all the subtleties of the LGBT universe.  As part of this new trend, The Pride is a LGBT promoting comic book series created and written by Joe Glass, and featuring art and graphics made by people from all around the world.  The contributing artists includes no names like Gavin Mitchell, Kris Carter, Mike Stock, Dan Harris, Kris Anka, Cory Smith and many more. Debuting in 2012 in the United Kingdom with a six-issue series, which was followed by a spinoff called The Pride Adventures, the comic has been sold by Glass at conventions, by mail and via the Internet on PDF format and more recently it has made its debut on comXology. Here is the main story line:

Have you ever been sick of being misrepresented? Of having no one like you to look up to? Have you ever wanted to change everything? Well, FabMan has. In a world populated by superpowers, the superhero is common. Sadly for FabMan (Tomorrow’s Fabulous Man), today, he feels a deep schism in the representation of his community, his own heroic exploits being presented as just big jokes in the news. Wanting to fight for change, he forms PRIDE, the world’s premier LGBTQ supergroup. Not exactly receiving the desired response, the group faces opposition from the confrontational Justice Division, more aggressive misrepresentation by the media and are then taken advantage of in the plans of the nefarious Reverend. After a serious trial by fire, the team find themselves the only super team in the world capable of stopping The Reverend’s diabolical plot for world domination.

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The Pride: Defending the LGBT Community Against Stuck Ups & Jesus Freaks

schlonger-woman  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes schlonger womanThe LGBT characters introduced in the comic book  The Pride covers the whole ‘diversity’ spectrum of the LGBT movement with a cast as varied as the All-Different X-Men, each representing a different strain of the gay community, and each arriving with the baggage that accompanies that particular strain.  The main characters are named FabMan, Wolf, Muscle Mary, Frost, Twink, Bear, Angel and White Trash.  They are a revolutionary “victim group” who’s members are sick and tired of being misrepresented because of their sexual orientation and their inefficient reproductive behavior.  They are pissed off and now they are here, standing right at your doorstep, ready to set the record straight… or I’d rather say to set the record GAY!  Reading the comic books, one of the more intriguing scenes introduces a cabal of Bible-reading villains that are restraining the free expression of the proponents of the rainbow culture.  The arch-enemy of the LGBT Superheroes is a Villainous Reverend who is trying to cock-block the most adventurous members of the gay community and bore the rest of them with his puritanical moralistic view of the world.  The villain Reverend, not content with bullying the rainbow crowd on a daily basis, eventually get caught red handed conducting some kind of “mind control” experiments one of the heroes in order to study him and hoping to develop an effective way to rid the world of these “sodomites and perverts.”   The Reverend then start messing around with the brain of a hero named Firebomb and, via some mind-control technique, he managed to send him to destroy a gay bar, which just so happens to be near where our new gay superhero team is training. The stage is then set for the new gay superheroes to embark on a quest to kick the Reverend’s butt and launch a new era of international peace, free love, drug and rock n roll.  The  series is not over, of course, it seems that the author is currently collecting funds on the internet in order to “printing larger print runs of this comic” according to his blog.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-19-at-12.19.28-PM  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes Screen Shot 2014 03 19 at 12

In final analysis, this is just a new retelling of the old story of the evil religious freaks who are oppressing the poor gay community who just want to respect and love everybody. How do you think it’s going to end? Just for the fun of it, let us make an educated guess.  We predict that in order to make sure that they will never be mis-represented ever again by the straight institutions, the LGBT Superheroes will decide to infiltrates all the institutions of society, big corporations and media outlets, they’ll give Rachel Maddow a talk show on prime time TV and will finally manage to put their own man in the White House.  Once they accomplished that, their new black gay President will declare martial law and send all the straights, the cis white males and the patriarcal phallocrats in sensitivity training gulags where they’ll will be initiated to the joys of “diversity” and where they will be made to “open theirs minds” and accept to love all god’s creatures with an equal intensity. Yeah… that’s right folks!  It cannot end in any other way.  Don’t miss the next episode!  Expect them when you see them!

Establishing the Legitimacy of the LGBT Culture… by Force!

thepride-lgbt  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes thepride lgbtThe LGBT Superheroes stand ready to fight all those unfair misrepresentations that ordinary people may have about sodomy, gagger balls, cock rings, fisting, transgenderism, bukkakes, ass to mouth, gangbangs and other mind expanding cultural activities that have been unfortunately marginalized by the evil religious establishment in the past centuries. The incredibles adventures of The Pride superheroes are far from over. It is not clear how the Gay Superheroes intend to scientifically demonstrate the righteousness of the LGBT culture but we can already guess that they will try to validate their philosophical axioms by accomplishing heroic deeds in the nude,  breaking all the taboos and persecuting all those evil white Christians conservatives that are too ignorant to recognize the intellectual depth of transvestite peep shows and all those republican bigots that are too “stuck-up” to admit the esthetic value of a bisexual gangbang in a pool of Jello.  Armed with toilet siffoons, giant mechanical dildos and big tankers full of lubricant, the LGBT Superheroes embarks on a journey during which they will travel all around the world in order to re-educate all the squares and make them appreciate by force all the incredible wonders of the rainbow culture. Get ready to bow down to them of face re-education!

The-Pride6  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes The Pride6The-Pride5  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes The Pride5The-Pride4  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes The Pride4

The-Pride3  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes The Pride3The-Pride2  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes The Pride2The-Pride1  The Pride: The Rise of a New Brand of Gay Superheroes The Pride1

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