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Vice Magazine: “Dear Straight Guys, It’s Time to Start Putting Things In Your Butt”

Warning, this is disgusting. We post this to show you how morally bankrupt, perverted and sick these cultural marxists and leftists have become. It’s the same with Gawker, who last year post a anilingus instruction for people, called “The Booty-Eating Renaissance“. These people are sick, deranged and should be keep far away from all children at all times. They are ...

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Nba Jerseys Are Ignited Fashion As The Result Of Women

He pitched more innings than anybody with 7,355, started more games than anybody,815 and completed more games than anybody, 749. NHL jerseys are desirable to more and also people because NHL is much more and most liked. If you just aren’t too capable at this involving mind game or if he just won’t talk there are common things all men ...

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