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Hillary Wants Kids Reading ‘Harry Potter’ to be ‘More Compassionate’ to Immigrants, LGBT

Hillary Clinton gave the keynote address at the American Library Association’s annual conference in Chicago on Tuesday and cited a study that concluded children who read the Harry Potter series were more compassionate to immigrants, refugees, and the LGBT community, reports ABC News.  “Years of data suggests that reading fiction builds empathy,” Clinton said. “It helps us put ourselves in others’ shoes.”  ...

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Alex Jones Works For The ‘Red Skull’ In Captain America Comic

Deluded liberals and their mass media outlets are desperate to discredit Alex Jones and the libertarian/conservative talk radio mouvement sweeping the country. This time they used Marvel’s Captain America to spew their propaganda.  We’ve seen Captain American fighting the Tea Party and the anti-immigration crowd recently, now watch him fight Red Skull and his evil lieutenant…. Alex Jones. Alex breaks ...

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