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The Meltdown of the Century: Watch Shia LaBeouf Make a Complete Ass of Himself Protesting Donald Trump

Leftist nutcase Shia LaBeouf kicked off a four-year campaign to protest President Donald Trump with wacky performance art.  LaBeouf launched a continuous public live-stream where anti-Trumpers can shout “He will not divide us!” 24 hours a day.A camera was set up outside of the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York — a heavily Democratic borough.   The website for the project reads: ...

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Clueless Libtard Steven Spielberg Blames Conservatives and Donald Trump for ‘Rage’ in America

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is blaming conservatives for all the “rage” he perceives sweeping across America.  Yet, he does make a prediction — “a happy ending in November” — which presumably excludes a Republican win. Speaking to Sky News, Spielberg said: “I think that America is a very rational country that is, right now, going through a little bit of ...

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Curt Schilling: Michael Moore ‘A Hating Waste of Flesh’

Curt Schilling, the former ESPN anchor fired for speaking out against transgender bathrooms, has some very choice words for leftist propagandist filmmaker Michael Moore.  In a series of tweets over the weekend, Schilling tore into Moore, calling him a “hating waste of flesh” and a hypocritical “fat ass” who simultaneously criticizes capitalism while making millions off it, Schilling’s tweets represent ...

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