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Rape Culture

Feminists vs Facts & Logic: The Triumph of Lunacy

Lauren Southern is a political science major at the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. She’s running for public office as a Libertarian. And she’s also something of an Internet sensation. [10]   During a recent ‘Slutwalk’ in Edmonton, The Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern once again highlighted the stunning incompetence of feminists when it comes to defending their viewpoints. ...

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The Latest Feminist Lunacy Has Arrived: Calling Your Daughter ‘Princess’ Supports the ‘Rape Culture’

Everybody knows how little girls like princesses, how they like to play the princess, and how they love to dress up like princesses. Are you familiar with Frozen mania? You know how parents, especially a doting father, sometimes calls his daughter his “princess”? [5] Feminists have protested this new trend of the regressive “princess-mania” targeted by US writer Peggy Orenstein in her book Cinderella Ate My Daughter. [4] Do you ...

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Toronto Humber College Feminist Professor: If you Deny Rape Culture Exists, You are a Rapist

Lyndsay Kirkham is a radical feminist who is very active on her personal Twitter account. Following a name search, she is listed as a “Professor” in the “School of Liberal Arts and Sciences”, on the Toronto based Humber College’s staff directory page.  Kirkham is engaged in a wide variety of extreme dialogue (as one would expect from a feminist professor nowadays). But SoCawlege ...

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The Islamic State and the Theology of Rape

Just when you think the Islamic State can’t do anything that would outrage civilized humanity any more than we already are, along comes this story in the New York Times that goes into excruciating detail about how rape is being used to recruit ISIS members and the twisted justification for it that ISIS says comes directly from the Koran. [6] ...

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Feminist Artist Writes on Maxi Pads to Protest Rape Culture

Last year, Twitter user @cutequeer96 asked a simple question: “What if men were as disgusted with rape as they are by periods”? The viral tweet has gone on to inspire a global conversation about rape culture and attitudes about women. In Karlsruhe, a city in southwest Germany, it’s also inspired a pretty disgusting project: maxi pad protest art.  Totally obsessed with her vagina like most feminists, ...

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Queer Theory Prof Teaches U.S. Border Officials Rape Women

Karma R. Chávez is a professor of “Queer Theory” and “Queer Migrations” in the Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the author of “Queer Migration Politics” as well as the co-founder of the Queer Migration Research Network which is promoted using the university’s site (at the bottom of her profile under ‘Links’)  Upon doing some research into the The Queer ...

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