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Venerial Diseases

UK: Super-Gonorrhoea Outbreak Could Be Out of Control

An outbreak of super-gonorrhoea in the UK is out of control and efforts to stop it have been unsuccessful, health officials have warned.  It is feared the sexually transmitted disease may be becoming increasingly resistant to treatment, prompting concerns further rapid spread could occur.  In April, it emerged an outbreak of so-called ‘super-gonorrhoea’ had occurred in Leeds, with cases also ...

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Syphilis is on the Rise

As the old saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine. Unless you have syphilis in which case penicillin is the best choice”. The disease, caused by the bacterium Treponema Pallidum and passed on through unprotected oral, vaginal and anal sex, has affected the famous through the ages (Al Capone and, reportedly, Hitler, to name just two).  But syphilis is in no way confined to ...

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Survey Finds Excess Health Problems in Lesbians, Gays & Bisexuals

Gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals reported more health problems than straight men and women, in a large U.S. survey.  For the first time since its launch in 1957, the National Health Interview Survey in 2013 and 2014 included a question about sexual orientation.  With nearly 69,000 participants, the survey revealed that lesbian, gay and bisexual adults “were more likely to ...

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Gonorrhoea and Syphilis on the Rise in the UK

Experts have warned the UK is edging towards a “sexual health crisis” following cuts to STI testing services, as cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea have soared.  New figures released by Public Health England show 41,193 people were diagnosed with gonorrhoea in 2015, representing an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year. 5,288 people were diagnosed with syphilis in ...

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Fears Strain of ‘Super Gonorrhoea’ Could Spread Across UK – and May Become Untreatable

A strain of “super-gonorrhoea” could spread across the UK and there is an increasing risk the disease could become untreatable.   Doctors have expressed “huge concerns” over recent outbreaks of drug-resistant versions of the superbug across the UK.   The spread seems to have started by affecting straight couples. More recently, cases have been identified in gay men too.   In December, GPs already warned cases of drug-resistant strains of the infectious disease had ...

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The Bug Chasers: The Underground World of Gay Men Who are Getting Infected with HIV on Purpose

Bug Chasers and Gift Givers: The Insanity of Bug Chasing There is a frightening epidemic of complacency sweeping the AIDS community. Despite grand efforts to inform about the dangers of HIV, factions of people are embracing the virus. This emerging trend raises some troubling questions about how far people will go to gain acceptance. It also raises questions as to ...

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