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Obamacare Provision: “Forced” Home Inspections

“Clearly, any family may be visited by federally paid agents for almost any reason.”  According to an Obamacare provision millions of Americans will be targeted.  The Health and Human Services’ website states that your family will be targeted if you fall under the “high-risk” categories below: Families where mom is not yet 21. Families where someone is a tobacco user. Families where ...

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High School SWAT Teamed Over Halloween Costume

Police and SWAT locked down a Colorado high school, but it wasn’t for a clock this time. It was for a Halloween costume.  A young woman at Pueblo County High School dressed up for the holiday with a gas mask and trench coat. Clearly the costume is a monumental threat to the safety and security of the students.  [1] She ...

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The New Dog Shit Police: Major Cities to Use DNA Testing to Track and Fine Dog Owners Who Fail to Scoop the Turds

Spanish City to Crack Down on Dog Poo with DNA Testing Cities and municipal parks departments have tried all sorts of ways to discourage dog fouling, from giving away free bags to mailing turds back to owners. But now they’re really getting tough. Spain’s north-eastern city of Tarragona has threatened to use DNA analysis of dog droppings to track down ...

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Man Busted on Terrorism Charges for Carrying Protein Snack

Busted by the TSA for Carrying Protein Bars A man who was jailed on charges of making “terroristic threats” following a run in with the TSA was acquitted within minutes at a court hearing, after video proved that a TSA agent lied.  [1]   On January 26, 2013, Roger Vanderklok passed through a TSA checkpoint at the Philadelphia International Airport while ...

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Ben Carlson: Anarchy May Force Cancellation Of 2016 Election

Dr. Ben Carson, a popular Tea Party activist and Fox News contributor who says he will likely seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016, said on Sunday that he is seriously concerned that there will not be 2016 elections in the United States because the country could be in anarchy by that point. His reasons: the growing national debt, ...

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