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Rutgers Prof: White People Are “The Face Of The Oppressor”

After making headlines earlier in the year for her rant about “A**hole God” and “White Supremacist Jesus”, Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper is back at it again, with another op-ed on Salon. This time, she rants about the Sandra Bland tragedy, and how all white people are the “face of the oppressor”. [1] This piece comes after Sandra Bland, an African-American ...

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Rutgers Black Studies Professor: Christian Conservatives Worship ‘Asshole’ God and ‘White Supremacist Jesus’

 Another open-minded and inclusive college professor is going around making blanket statements about huge groups of people and the religion they practice. [4] Just days before Easter, one professor took to the internet to blast Christian conservatives for inventing a “white supremacist Jesus.”  [1] According to Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper, social conservatives cannot be true Christians because they do not see ...

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The New “Politically Correct” Captain America is Black

Marvel is making big changes this year. In a special segment of the Colbert Report, the comics giant announced that Steve Rogers will pass his star-spangled shield on to Sam Wilson in the fall, making Wilson (otherwise known as the Falcon) one of the first black man to take on the official role of Captain America. [2] Marvel did not “directly” ...

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