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Leonita Trotsky is a welfare state whistle blower. Writer, researcher and graphic designer. She cannot unveil her true identity for the moment because she would probably loose her job if anybody learns that she is a conservative in her soul and that she mingles with politically incorrect right wingers like us. Like other anonymous member of our staff, she had to assume a transgender communist dictator avatar.

The DUMBEST College Courses of 2015

America’s elite colleges offer plenty of ridiculous courses. Some are more idiotic than others. Many are taught by hilariously leftist professors straight out of central casting. Other classes transcend politics and exist on their own fabulous plane of stupidity. Many of them cost a ton of money.  This is The Daily Caller’s list of the most pathetic college classes for 2015, the course descriptions ...

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Justpeace: An New Alternative to Deal with ISIS Non-Violently

Liberal Christians Think that “Community-Based Nonviolent Resistance Strategies” are the Key to Defeating ISIS It would be nice if we could gather all the butchers in ISIS together around a campfire, break out the guitar and settle our differences with a nice round of Kumbaya passing around a big fat joint and a bottle of Jack Daniels. This is almost ...

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The Ice Bucket Challenge Lunacy: Just Another Fraud

Well, I cannot say that I’m surprised, but it seems that everybody has been duped.  The good news in all that story  is that the World  is still filled with generous, fun-loving and caring people. The viral ice bucket challenge has combined, attention seeking, sense of responsibility to our fellow human, coupled with idiocy and a little bit of exhibitionism.  ...

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Polish Woman Plan to Have Sex with Over 100,000 Men

Another sad story showing how deep are the ravages of cultural marxism among the middle class people around the world.  A poor dumbed-down polish woman totally brainwashed by western-type ultra-liberal ideas is trying to turn her sex life into a full-time hobby… she want to have sexual intercourses with more than 100,000 men.  Ania Lisewska, a 21 years old graphic ...

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Narcissus’ Promised Land: The AutoBlow II

Obsessed with sex? You bought up into the fake politically correct porn culture that is currectly broadcasted everywhere in the media?  You think that sex is the number one value in the world?   And of course you NEVER can get enough of it… and chicks are asking you the high price in order to get it.  Well, you probably were ...

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