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What is The Profile of the Typical Communist Collaborator?

bezmenov  What is The Profile of the Typical Communist Collaborator? bezmenov

Yuri Bezmenow (a.k.a Tomas Schuman)

What communists calls “active measures” (Russian: активные мероприятия) are actions of political warfare conducted by the Soviet security services (Cheka, OGPU, NKVD, KGB) to influence the course of world events, “in addition to collecting intelligence and producing politically correct assessment of it.  Active measures ranged “from media manipulations to special actions involving various degrees of violence”. They were used both abroad and domestically. They included disinformation, propaganda, counterfeiting official documents, assassinations, and political repression, such as penetration in churches, and persecution of political dissidents. [1]

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov was a journalist for RIA Novosti and a former PGU KGB informant from the Soviet Union who defected to Canada. Bezmenov is best remembered for his pro-American, anti-communist lectures and books from the 1980s. He is also one of the first to talk about the Soviet long-term strategy or “active measures.”  During his lectures he talks at length about the inner mechanic of “ideological subversion.” The phenomenon of collaboration with the Soviet ideological “active measures” affects a wide variety of personalities, regardless of their nationality, ethnic and cultural background, education, level of intelligence,. political ideas and affiliations, or social and class origins. After spending his whole career serving in the KGB working on such disinformation programs, Bezmenov said that he came “to the realization that virtually no foreigner is entirely immune to this infection disease.” [2]

In his book World Thought Police, Bezmenov provide us with the conventional psychological profile of the perfect communist collaborator.  The most scary thing I found while reading his profiling is the fact that almost everybody I know fits the description.  This is how successful they have been folks!  Virtually everybody is a potential commie now.  According to Bezmenov it’s “naïve to expect that only uneducated “proletarians” fall victim to Soviet propaganda and become “revolutionaries.” [2] As a matter of fact, he tell his readers that his KGB supervisors explicitly instructed him  “not to waste [his] time” and APN’s money the “true believers in Communism.”  One day, after he saw him socializing with students and young Indian radicals, Bezmenov tells us that his KGB contact in New Delhi, comrade Gadin, suggested to him: “Aim higher – at the upper middle-class intellectuals and otherwise INFLUENCIAL personalities.”  [2] True believers, he said, make the worst enemies if and when they become disillusioned with Communism, or finally see through the deception.  [2] What KGB-APN really needs is a person who would be ready to compromise moral principles (if he had any) for personal short-term advantage.  According to his observation and practice, such persons suffer from one or more of the following flaws in their characters: egoism, ethnocentrism (or bigotry), greed, mental laziness, cynicism, lack of confidence (or, conversely, overconfidence), fear (especially fear of failure or fear of appearing as “misfits” and underachievers in their own careers and ventures), and the inability to be compassionate toward the suffering of others.  Often among the best possible KGB-APN collaborators are persons with various physiological deviations: homosexuals, impotents, or – conversely – persons obsessed with sex and other pleasures, persons unable to establish lasting and meaningful relationships with the opposing sex, persons unable to show or receive love, etc.  On top of it all, the most “recruitable” people are “materialists, pragmatists,” obsessed with the immediate and complete “success” of THEIR ventures.  [2] Another great category of collaborators are those who are unable to laugh at themselves, who take themselves too seriously.  Healthy skepticism and a good sense of humor provide one of the best remedies against the communist infection.  Bezmenov met scores of conceited snobbish “intellectuals,” who suffered from self-importance and firmly believed that the public in their own country was too backward to understand their genius.  He tells us that KGB fronts like the Novosti news agency provides a very receptive audience for such megalo-maniacs, especially when they write books about their “experiences” in the USSR in surrealistic (or rather Social-realistic) terms.  [2] To sum it up, as one Russian Orthodox priest told him one day, “Communism is not a political, economical, military or geographical problem.  It is a MORAL problem.”  [2] Novosti Press Agency and her KGB bosses will be successful in the manipulation of public opinion in the free world as long as there are AMORAL person ready to cooperate with APN-KGB for their own immoral gains and purposes.  [3]

commies  What is The Profile of the Typical Communist Collaborator? commies

What KGB-APN really needs is a person who would be ready to compromise moral principles (if he had any) for personal short-term advantage

The smallest category of collaborations are those who idealistically BELIEVE that Communism (and its first “civilized” stage of Socialism) is indeed a “better system” and better solution for all the problems of mankind.  Bezmenov tells it as it is: “After 67 years of historical evidence, after hundreds of MILLIONS perished under this system, in view of its gross inefficiency in any area of human activity (except the military, an aggressive one) – such idealism borders on insanity.” [3]   Therefore the communist “handlers” usually don’t take this category of collaborators very seriously.  Ignorance, he tells us, plays a major role in this type of “idealism.”  But the greatest attraction, according to his observations, is a real (or imagined) REWARD for services rendered by collaborators to the Soviet promoters of “active measures.” [3]

[1] Mitrokhin, Vasili, Christopher Andrew (2000). The Mitrokhin Archive: The KGB in Europe and the West, Gardners Books. 
[2] Tomas Shuman, World Thought Police, p. 35
[3] Tomas Shuman, World Thought Police, p. 36


About Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace is a self-fashioned writter, a computer programmer and cybermarketer from Quebec City, Canada who decided to enter the political arena after his disillusionment with the socialist system under which he was living in the French Canadian province of Quebec.
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