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Wallmart Shopper Shot Dead over Pellet Toy Gun

A Tragedy Caused by Media Backed Irrational Gun Scare, Incompetent Police and Oversensitive 911 Callers

walmart-pellet-gun-lunacy wallmart shopper shot dead over pellet toy gun Wallmart Shopper Shot Dead over Pellet Toy Gun walmart pellet gun lunacy1A young man going by the name of John Crawford III died on August 5 2014 after Beavercreek police responded to reports of an armed man at a Dayton-area Walmart. Crawford was not armed — he had a pellet gun with him, which he had picked up in the store’s toy department where he was shopping. Beavercreek police used lethal force on the man when they responded to a call regarding a man walking around the store menacingly pointing a weapon at other shoppers. The 9-1-1 caller stated he witnessed Crawford “walking around with a gun in the store,” and that he was “loading it right now,” and pointing it at customers and children. He “was just waving it at children and people. Items…. I couldn’t hear anything that he was saying. I’m thinking that he is either going to rob the place or he’s there to shoot somebody else,” the concerned shopper told police. [1] “We have no idea what this 9-1-1 caller viewed,” Wright stated. [2] It seems that unfortunately, the police offices that entered the Wallmart have been too much impressed by the unverified narrative of the 9-1-1 caller. The gun turned out to be a Crosman MK-177 pellet gun, which Wal-Mart sells for approximately $100.

Not Posing any Theath the Man Was Shot on Sight

walmart-cop wallmart shopper shot dead over pellet toy gun Wallmart Shopper Shot Dead over Pellet Toy Gun walmart cop1When they came on the scene, in a shameful display of incompetence and complete lack of judgment, members of the Beavercreek police department immediately shot the Walmart shopper on sight after they encountered him leaning on one of the store’s unpurchased BB guns while on the phone. Michael Wright, a lawyer representing the family of 22-year-old John Crawford III, commented at a news conference on bits of surveillance footage that were shown to him and the family by the Ohio Attorney General. Wright said that, based on what he’d been shown, it did not appear Crawford made any threatening gestures, as suggested by a 9-1-1 caller, but was instead leaning on the butt of the air rifle when police arrived. » [3] It seems that everybody around in the shop were calm, nobody seemed to have any concerns and everybody were just going their way when the police arrived. The family’s lawyer explains: “The tape we saw saw several shoppers walk by John, look at merchandise in the same aisle with John, including Angela Williams and her children and they were completely indifferent as to John’s presence. No shopper showed any concern about John’s presence that we were shown on tape by the attorney general,” Wright stated. Surveillance video clearly shows that the man was talking on a cell phone. [3a] “You just saw [Crawford] standing talking on the phone, and the next frame he’s laying on the ground.” “From what we’ve seen, John had no opportunity to put the gun down,” Wright said. He was “doing nothing more, nothing less than shopping.” [4]

beavercreek-pettet-gun-lunacy wallmart shopper shot dead over pellet toy gun Wallmart Shopper Shot Dead over Pellet Toy Gun beavercreek pettet gun lunacy1

If you want to take a look at the world “anti-gun liberals” and “politically correct” democrats wants us to live in the future, take a look at this picture. A collective hysteria, a city block locked down and a man in the morgue for a pellet toy gun.

Both officers involved in the shooting are presently on paid administrative leave. BCI spokeswoman Jill Del Greco said, “BCI is going to look at the entire situation and look at what happened and what led up to the incident and how the officers responded. We will not make a determination of if the shooting was justified or not. [5]

Here is the Video of the Police Shooting the Man on Sight


pellet-gun-wallmart-lunacy- wallmart shopper shot dead over pellet toy gun Wallmart Shopper Shot Dead over Pellet Toy Gun pellet gun wallmart lunacy 1

Lee Cee Johnson, the mother of Crawford’s children

The most horrible part of the story is the fact that Lee Cee Johnson, the mother of Crawford’s children, said she was speaking with him on the phone right before police shot him. Johnson said she has two children with Crawford: John Crawford IV, who is 1, and Jayden Crawford, who is 4 months old. She just found out she is pregnant with a third child, but never got the chance to tell Crawford. [6] She was obviously still very upset when she spoke to the medias. She said she heard Crawford tell someone the gun was “not real,” then heard screaming. She explained:

We was just talking. He said he was at the video games playing videos and he went over there by the toy section where the toy guns were. And the next thing I know, he said ‘It’s not real,’ and the police start shooting and they said ‘Get on the ground,’ but he was already on the ground because they had shot him. […] And I could hear him just crying and screaming. I feel like they shot him down like he was not even human.” Wright said he’s still waiting to view the footage in its entirety, as he’d only been shown select parts, but said what police have released so far is extremely “one-sided” in favor of police accounts. [7]

Johnson said police did not talk to her at the time of the shooting. She believes the police did not do their job properly and wants to see justice done. Once the case is reviewed, they will find everything she said is consistent with what camera footage and phone records will show. “I hope the police get fired and sent to jail, because (the officer who fired) didn’t do his job. He didn’t treat him like a human being. He didn’t treat him someone at Walmart looking at toy guns,” she said. [8] Police have yet to release footage of the shooting. Crawford’s friend, Bobbie Odneal, views that as highly suspicious. “That’s my best friend. He was just literally at my house … the only thing I have of him is his hoodie. I just gave him his ID, and I’m waking up hearing his dead,” Odneal stated. “This is unreal, why they ain’t showing this video. I just want someone to back this up.” [9] “Preliminary indications are the officers acted appropriately under the circumstances,” Beavercreek police Chief Dennis Evers said. [10] Meanwhile, Crawford’s relatives have contacted civil rights organizations, the NAACP and National Action Network, because they don’t believe the shooting was justified.

The Police Frienzy also Killed a Cardiac Women

Wal-Mart-heart-attack wallmart shopper shot dead over pellet toy gun Wallmart Shopper Shot Dead over Pellet Toy Gun Wal Mart heart attack1Authorities say a customer also died after suffering a medical problem during the evacuation of the store Tuesday. Police identified her as Angela Williams, 37, of Fairborn. An innocent bystander also died following the confrontation. The Greene County Coroner indicated Angela Williams, 37, of Fairborn, was “apparently running from a dangerous situation inside the Walmart store when she collapsed. She was taken to Soin Medical Center where she died at 9:14 p.m. of what is believed to be a heart attack. [11] In a sad twist, the mother of two was due to be wed that weekend. Bill Robinson, administrator of Villa Springfield, the nursing home where Williams worked, issued a statement – “Angie was a free-spirited person, she was a very compassionate person. As far as her abilities here, she was a nurse who went above and beyond. A huge part of our team. It’s very somber and a lot of emotions are going through the building right now. Sadness, shock and heartache. It’s devastating today in our building.” [12]

The Familiy Demand the Release of the Video

Attorney-General-Mike-DeWine-2 wallmart shopper shot dead over pellet toy gun Wallmart Shopper Shot Dead over Pellet Toy Gun Attorney General Mike DeWine 21“Everything released is one-sided. There is nothing favorable to John Crawford. You can’t show different pieces. Show it all. Don’t trickle pieces to gain favor of the public,” said Wright. Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine says they haven’t released the footage because it “is not the right thing to do,” and because it might affect the opinions of jurors presiding over the case. The Beavercreek police chief, Dennis Evers, has already weighed in defending the officers, stating, “Preliminary indications are the officers acted appropriately under the circumstances.” “The officers gave verbal commands to the subject to drop the weapon,” Evers stated at a press conference the day after the shooting. “The subject … was shot after failing to comply with the officers’ commands. The quick response of officers was instrumental in containing this situation and minimizing the risk to customers.” Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation predicted it could be months before the investigation wraps up, a sluggish pace Crawford’s father, John Crawford II, perceives as “stall tactics.” The state has handed the case over to a special prosecutor, and a grand jury will convene on September 22 to ultimately decide what repercussive actions to take, if any. One of the officers involved in the altercation, David Darkow, is back on duty, while officer Sean Williams remains on paid administrative leave, according to the Huffington Post. [13] Attorney Michael Wright said that the video, which he was allowed to view with the man’s family, contradicts statements by police and witnesses that Crawford ignored commands to drop the gun and “looked like he was going to go violently.” “John was doing nothing wrong in Walmart, nothing more, nothing less than shopping,” Wright said in a statement. He said the 22-year-old father of two was shot “on sight” in a “militaristic” response by police. One of the officers in Crawford’s death was involved in a 2010 shooting that was ruled self-defense, according to the Associated Press.

Here is the Interview with the Idiot Who Called 911

In the call, 24-year-old Ronald Ritchie described a black man walking around the store with the weapon, telling the 911 operator, “He’s, like, pointing it at people.” The ‘gun’ that Crawford was allegedly pointing turned out later to be a BB gun sold in the Walmart. Speaking to reporters after police showed up and shot Crawford dead, Ritchie repeated the allegation that Crawford, “was pointing at people. Children walking by.” Ritchie also told the 911 operator that he saw Crawford loading bullets into the supposed weapon, which clearly would have been impossible given that the toy was not a real gun. But now Ritchie is telling a very different story. In an interview with The Guardian newspaper Sunday, Ritchie said that “at no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody.” Ritchie continued to maintain that Crawford was “waving (the gun) around.” But an attorney for Crawford’s family who has seen Walmart surveillance video of the incident and the minutes leading up to the shooting says the video shows nothing of the kind.

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