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Twitter Recruits Demented Feminists to Police Free Speech

FemFreq  Twitter Recruits Demented Feminists to Police Free Speech FemFreqTwitter has hired a feminist who thinks “everything is racist” and that criticizing feminism is hate speech to police its content. [1] [2]  Twitter’s stock price has been tanking. Unlike their rival Facebook, they’re not growing followers, either. [4] So yesterday, CEO Jack Dorsey made his big reveal for fixing this:  In order for users to feel confident expressing themselves “freely and safely,” Twitter is debuting a new advisory group dubbed the “Trust & Safety Council.” But a quick glance at its membership roster suggests the council is almost as Orwellian as it sounds—and overwhelmingly biased in favor of speech suppression. [3]  The council includes more than 40 organizations that will be tasked with helping Twitter, “strike the right balance between fighting abuse and speaking truth to power.” But if the goal was really to find some middle ground between total free speech and safeguards against harassment, one might have expect Twitter to solicit some diversity of opinion. In fact, despite the press release’s claim that the council includes a “diversity of voices,” virtually none of the council members are properly classified as free speech organizations. (Full list here).  Some of the groups—such as Hollaback! and the Dangerous Speech Project—don’t think harassment should be criminalized outright. But the vast majority are certainly more concerned about allowing too much speech rather than too little. Notable members include Feminist Frequency—the blog and Youtube channel of anti-Gamer Gate activist Anita Sarkeesian—the Anti-Defamation League, and a host of suicide-and-domestic-violence prevention groups.  [3]



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