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Ted Nugent's Solution for Radical Islam: Kill em All! Ted Nugent’s Solution for Radical Islam: Kill em All! ted nugent kill muslim 3rd  620x330

Ted Nugent’s Solution for Radical Islam: Kill em All!

ted-indian Ted Nugent's Solution for Radical Islam: Kill em All! Ted Nugent’s Solution for Radical Islam: Kill em All! ted indianConservative activist Ted Nugent is once again stirring up controversy after comments he made following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in France.  Nugent is an outspoken critic of Islam, which he describes as a “voodoo religion” which “believes in world domination,” [12] more recently he has been busy ticking off liberals with his blunt solution to Muslim extremism. In order to save the world, he says, we must “kill the Muslim Third Reich.” [6] In order to explain the details of his “solution” Nugent’s published a WND anti-Islam column, cleverly titled “Save the Planet: Kill the Muslim Third Reich,” in which he share with his readers some of his ideas about the muslim problem that are, accrording to him, just common sense and can be grasped by any “person of historical perspective, goodwill, intellect and decency.” [6]  “When it comes to the pure demonic evil of murderous savage Islamist terrorists, the line is universally drawn by good people worldwide,” he said. “We all know instinctively that there is no virtue in slaughtering innocent people. No God smiles or rejoices in this.”  [6] He then compares Islamic terrorists to Adolph Hitler and other historic figures associated with mass murder.  “The only people who smile and rejoice in killing innocent people are those pure evil rabid dogs who kill innocent people,” Nugent continued. [6] “Hitler was evil. Stalin was despicable and evil. So was Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Idi Amin and other such subhuman mass exterminators. The world is better off with these rabid dogs off the planet.”  And his advice on dealing with them?  “Kill ‘em all and let Satan sort them out. That’s my policy.” [1]

ted-kill-islamic-third-reic Ted Nugent's Solution for Radical Islam: Kill em All! Ted Nugent’s Solution for Radical Islam: Kill em All! ted kill islamic third reic

Nugent  explains that political correctness has done more harm than good when dealing with Muslim extremism. He pointed out that “shaming” the Islamists is essentially allowing them to take advantage of this period of Western restraint and kill more non-Muslims (H/T Mad World News).  No more kicking the can down the road for the next generation, Nugent said. There comes a time for all good men and women to rise up and oppose evil. That time is now. It is our time. Americans must show the world the difference between respecting choices in lifestyle versus bending over and welcoming an evil takeover.  “Radical Islam is a global cancer,” Nugent claimed. “Shariah law should be seen as the hate speech that it is. It’s very essence is a criminal act of sedition, advocating the overthrowing of the U.S. government, punishable by hanging. It must be dealt with now, not tomorrow or next week, or surely this religious cancer will consumer the host and darkness will indeed cover he Earth.” [4]

Make no mistake; the world is in a race to the finish with crazed, rabid, radical Muslims. The choice is simple: Its [sic] religious freedom—or subjugation, persecution or death.

So what’s the solution?

We must not shoot just one or two rabid dogs, but to save the human race, we must kill them all.

“Truth is I want to eliminate them from planet Earth and erase them from the history books of the human race,” [6] Nugent wrote, describing those who wish to imprison him “with their braindead, toxic ‘values’ as “human cockroaches and various other vermin.”  [6] And his preferred method to accomplish this is “putting hollow points to the back of the heads.”  Nugent goes on to defend his own personal brand of decency by establishing the foundation for his belief that all Muslim extremists (and “bad guys”) need to be wiped off the face of the planet, irrespective of the rule of law or due process.

To show you how radical I am, I want carjackers dead. I want rapists dead. I want burglars dead. I want child molesters dead. I want the bad guys dead. Let the victims defend themselves in a timely, efficient manner. Double tap center mass. No court case. No plea bargaining, no parole. No time off for good behavior, no early release. I want ‘em dead. [6]

The lessons are all right there in history:

Our generation doesn’t have goose-stepping fanatical fascists or Bataan death march goons to exterminate. The threat the entire free world faces right here right now are fanatical Muslims who will not rest till all the non-Muslims are wiped out. These freaks deserve the same fate as the Third Reich and the kamikazes. [6]

In his concluding remarks, Nugent wonders whether there is anyone bold and brave enough to carry out this directive. “Is there a leader somewhere who knows this, will admit it and actually do what is right?” he asks rhetorically. “We are waiting.” [6]

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