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Swedish Journalist Promotes ‘Healthy Family Nudism’

family-nudism  Swedish Journalist Promotes ‘Healthy Family Nudism’ family nudism

Lotta Gray and her son Lennox.

This is more mental illness coming from Sweden.  Swedish parents need to get more comfortable being naked around family members to help their children develop a healthy attitude to nudity, argues journalist and blogger Lotta Gray. [1] The advocate of this newly revamped hippie ideology are flooding in. Facebook and Instagram are being filled up with pictures of naked children of all ages. The entire social media world is exploding in bottoms and chubby children’s bodies at various beaches both at home and in warmer climes. [1] The new trend is crawling and creeping everywhere, documented by granular snaps as well as professional photographs. Lotta Gray stands against this social media naked lunacy.  She think that time has come to ask ourselves: how does our thinking go when it comes to nudity and children? Do we think at all?  “For never before has it been so important to safeguard the naked as it is in today’s day and age,” she tells her readers. [1] While she agree that  “we should put up an iron wall between children’s nudity and 2,000 social media followers,” the swedish journalist think that “nakedness within the family is a different issue.” [1] According to Lotta Gray “being naked should not be made into something peculiar.” [1]

In our house, we sleep naked, we bathe together and we don’t hide ourselves in panic when our now almost ten-year-old child enters the bathroom.  I am of course not naked at home when his friends sleep over. Not at all. And I am also careful to point out that one’s own naked body is never something you should let anybody else touch, that it is your own private sphere and that you should not walk around naked in other people’s homes.  And it seems to work, he seems to have caught on, because towels are being fumbled with and doors locked when changing in public places. That’s all good and well. But that nudity remains normal within the family, I think that is important. [1]

Well, this is not so bad you would probably say, this is just a typical hippie mind set that we see everywhere since the sixties. But this is where Lotta go way off course:

In other cultures, there’s an outcry if you have a bath with your naked son, or let him see your body in the shower. A Tanzanian friend of mine was severely shocked and told me I must immediately stop when he found out that I sometimes sleep in the same bed as my child without clothes.  My Senegalese dad almost chokes if he so much as sees my underwear hanging outside to dry and you have to respect that. These are other cultures. [1]

She sleep with her son without clothes.  What if a dad would do that with his 7 years old daughter?  Knowing that the average man has about 11 erections each day and several more at night and that morning erections are usually the last of a series of 3 to 5 erections that happen during the night (nocturnal penile tumescence), how would you label that? Pedophilia maybe? Incest? Maybe both of them. That’s right! And in most countries he would probably go straight to prison.  Obviously when you take a look at Lotta’s picture (see at the top of the page) any normal guy would say: “euhh I would sleep naked with her.”  Yeah dummy, most people would. But the real question is: “would you take a bath naked with Lotta and her 7 years old son?  I must admit that she look pretty hot.  But I wouldn’t go naked with her son in a bed or a bath.  No thank you.  She then explain more in detail her leftist sexual ideology more in detail trying to sound a bit less wacky:

…at my place, I like that nudity is okay as long as my son’s bottom does not end up in the online spotlight.  If what is natural is presented as natural it does not become as exciting. A body is a body just like any body, and to be effortlessly inside it is good, it’s healthy. Seeing your parents naked, as well as your brothers and sisters, I think that creates a healthier mindset as a young adult than all of the hushing and covering-up we’re seeing today.  Of course you can’t force nudity on anyone and do the helicopter in the kitchen just because you feel like it. Children can tell when they feel it’s no longer okay and then you have to respect that.   [1]

Yeah yeah yeah… but let’s forget about the “sleeping naked with children” part… ok? She conclude saying:

 let’s promote nudity in a healthy way. Joke about it, talk about it, disarm it and embrace it… but for heaven’s sake, don’t let it go viral. [1]

[1] ‘Let’s promote nudity in a healthy way’, TheLocal.se, 04 Aug 2015 08:30 GMT+02:00


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