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Saudi Arabian Cleric: Mickey Mouse Must Die

mickey-join-isis  Saudi Arabian Cleric: Mickey Mouse Must Die mickey join isisSheikh Muhammad Munajid, claimed the mouse is “one of Satan’s soldiers” and makes everything it touches impure, The Telegraph reports. [6] But he warned that like all devilish creatures depictions of the creature in cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, and Disney’s Mickey Mouse, had taught children that it was in fact loveable.  [1] [6]  The cleric, a former diplomat at the Saudi embassy in Washington DC, said that under Sharia, both household mice and their cartoon counterparts must be killed.  Mr Munajid was asked to give Islam’s teaching on mice during a religious affairs program broadcast on al-Majd TV, an Arab television network.

According to a translation prepared by the Middle East Media Research Institute, an American press monitoring service, he said: “The mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers and is steered by him. […] the mouse is impure.”  [1] [6]  Following is an excerpt from the religious program featuring Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid, which aired on Al-Majd TV on August 27, 2008:

Muhammad Al-Munajid: What is the position of Islamic law with regard to mice? The Shari’a refers to the mouse as “little corrupter,” and says it is permissible to kill it in all cases. It says that mice set fire to the house, and are steered by Satan. The mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers and is steered by him. If a mouse falls into a pot of food – if the food is solid, you should chuck out the mouse and the food touching it, and if it is liquid – you should chuck out the whole thing. Because the mouse is i-m-p-u-r-e! [1] [2] [6]

According to Islamic law, the mouse is a repulsive, corrupting creature. How do you think children view mice clerc-salafiste  Saudi Arabian Cleric: Mickey Mouse Must Die clerc salafistetoday – after Tom and Jerry? Even creatures that are repulsive by nature, by logic, and according to Islamic law have become wonderful and are loved by children. Even mice. Mickey Mouse has become an awesome character, even though according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

But this may be easier said than done. Mickey has survived countless attempts on his life since he first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat Willie in 1928 while Jerry has been fending off Tom’s murderous attacks since 1940. [4] Mr Munajid is also the imam who condemned the Beijing Olympics as the “bikini Olympics”, claiming that nothing made Satan happier than seeing females athletes dressed in skimpy outfits.[1] [2] [3] [4] [6] Mickey may have survived the battle with the brooms in “Fantasia,” but now Mickey Mouse has to contend with Islam. [7]

Aired on Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia) – August 27, 2008 – 00:01:22.

On the first video, Palestinian Pundit comments:

A Saudi cleric has condemned Disney’s lovable cartoon mouse. What could the big-eared rodent possibly have done to offend? [9] [12]

And from Morocco, Myrtus is lost for words and exclaims:

Gasp! Stupidity beyond belief! [9] [11]

And on the outcry from Western media, Sultan Al Jumeri, from Saudi Arabia, writes:

There is nothing new about the Western media, and particularly the American media, is ridiculing our Islamic doctrines and our culture in general. There are scores of programmes, books and movies which prove this! They have been available everywhere for a long period of time! Their history in tarnishing is not something new .. but something which goes back in time. [9]

Jordanian Mohammed Badi has another take on the issue and writes:

Because all the issues and problems facing Muslims have been solved thanks to the Almighty, we are now left with chasing after mice. It seems that Spiderman and Batman and Tom (and Jerry as well) should all be arrested. [9]

Still in Jordan, The Black Iris notes:

Well, it should be pointed out that I think the brief second of hesitation towards the end suggested the he was aware Mickey is a cartoon and so was being somewhat satirical about the killing of him. Because really, how do you kill a cartoon? Stop drawing it? […] Anyways, the western media has had a field day (week) with this bit of news… [9] [10]

Global Voices Online Morocco author Jillian York gives us her take on the issue here. She notes:

Some Saudi cleric is answering a question about mice; namely, whether or not they should be killed in the house. It’s a valid religious question that anyone might consider (including PETA), but the cleric goes perhaps a little too far and claims that the presence Tom & Jerry has softened kids to the evils of mice. [9]

After watching the video, she explains:

It’s pretty clear to me that when he says “according to Islamic Sharia, Mickey Mouse should be killed,” he’s saying it with a smirk on his face and a tongue in his cheek. And yet the American media got ahold of the video (which was put out by MEMRI) and all hell breaks loose. [9]

And after linking to the media outlash, she observes:

Suddenly the cleric’s words are being twisted to say that Mickey should die, that there’s a fatwa on Mickey, that Tom & Jerry are evil. Dude didn’t say that at all. What he said is that, according to Islam, mice are dirty and when found indoors should be killed. He only brought up Mickey to explain how children have become immune to mice because they see them as cute little cartoons rather than dirty, infected rodents. [9]

Give me a break, FOX and accomplices.

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