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Progressives are Rolling Out a New Play: ‘Transgender Jesus’ transgendered jesus and lgb 620x330

Progressives are Rolling Out a New Play: ‘Transgender Jesus’

141205  Progressives are Rolling Out a New Play: ‘Transgender Jesus’ 141205 A ridiculous play depicting Jesus as a transgendered woman has opened in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The so-called “work of art” has caused controversy before, but the playwright insists it teaches the Lord’s message and reminds the audience what Jesus was ‘really like’.  [1] Mainstream media is celebrating the blasphemous work of live art. The Huffington Post dubbed the play “fantasic.” [7] The Guardian listed it as a “show not to miss.” And BBC Four said it “reaffirms everyone’s right to live free of discrimination and prejudice.” [2] ‘The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven’ was created by Jo Clifford, who identifies as a practicing transgendered Christian woman. As a playwright, he/she specializes in recreating biblical stories with a “different slant”.  [1] The play is featuring as part of the ‘Outburst Queer Arts Festival‘ in Belfast. It features the Lord Jesus Christ as a transgendered woman returning to modern day society.  “Join Queen Jesus for a revolutionary queer ritual in which bread is shared, wine is drunk and familiar stories are reimagined by a transgender Jesus,” the description of the play, written by a trans playwright, reads. “Team Jesus is now embarking on a national and international pilgrimage of creative, spiritual and LGBTI sites and spaces, forging partnerships with theatres, church groups and communities on the way.” [2] The author Jo Clifford told the BBC: “She [Jesus] pitches a sermon and tells a few very familiar gospel stories.”   “She has a communion, shares bread and wine with the audience, which is really a gesture of solidarity in the face of death and she gives a blessing. So it’s a very important, very intimate show.”  [8] Explaining his reasons for writing and performing such a show, Mr. Clifford says:  “Obviously being a transgender woman myself it concerns me very greatly that religious people so often use Christianity as a weapon to attack us and justify the prejudices against us.   “I wanted to see if we could move away from that and make people think again.” [1] Clifford identifies as a trans woman, but the 65-year-old spent years suppressing her authentic self. Writing and performing theater pieces allowed her to explore her feelings and realize she was happier identifying and presenting as a woman. “Being an artist helped me enormously because I would always make female characters the central characters of the play and I could live out in my imagination the female identity in my life,” she said. [7]

tj  Progressives are Rolling Out a New Play: ‘Transgender Jesus’ tjAs expected, not everyone was a fan of the production. The play has flown under the radar for several years, being performed in small venues but occasionally serving as a catalyst for protest. [5] Mr. Clifford said a group of 300 protesters held a candlelit vigil outside a theatre in Glasgow in 2009 when it was performed.  The demonstrators sang hymns and carried placards with messages reading: “Jesus, King of Kings, Not Queen of Heaven” and “God: My Son Is Not A Pervert.”   [1] Pastor Jack Bell of Zion Baptist Church in Glasgow said at the 2009 protest:  “If this play had treated the prophet Muhammed in the same way there would have been a strong reaction from the Islamic community, but that just wouldn’t happen.”  [1] Pastor Bell makes a good point. No transgendered woman has balls big enough to take a drag queen swing at the Prophet Mohammad.  [3] Mr. Clifford defended the play: “As a practising Christian myself, I have no interest in attacking the church or mocking the church or make fun of the church or in anyway being blasphemous or offensive,” he said.  Adding: “I simply want to assert very strongly, as strongly as I can that Jesus of the gospels would not in anyway wish to attack or denigrate people like myself.”  [1] [5] According to Clifford, the play is now more important than ever since members of Northern Ireland’s national assembly passed over a motion to enact same-sex marriage in the country last week. Northern Ireland, because of its contentious history of warfare between Catholics and Protestants, has a complex legislative process. [5] [8] Mr. Clifford said his play was in keeping with the message of Jesus:  “I think it’s very important to get across the message that Jesus of the gospels would not condone or want to promote prejudice and discrimination against anybody and to try to convey a message of compassion and love and understanding of everybody,” he said.   Adding: “No matter what their belief, no matter what their gender, orientation or sexuality”.    In an interview given at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2014, Clifford describes the play as a “work of devotion” meant to remind people of what Jesus was “really like”. [1] The play isn’t the first to challenge the church’s traditional understanding of human sexuality or even of Jesus. “Southern Baptist Sissies” depicted what its writers perceived as the backward stance of America’s largest non-Catholic denomination on the issue of homosexuality, and “Corpus Christi” featured Jesus and his disciples as gay men in a modern Texas town. [5]

This is what Mark Dice had to say on the dumbass transgendered Jesus:

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