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Pope Francis: ‘Christians with Guns are Going to Hell’

pope-armed-detail  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' pope armed detailPope Francis has to be one of the most Marxist popes the Roman Catholic Church has seen in recent decades. Last year, he referred to arms makers as “merchants of death.” Now the Pope has questioned the Christianity of manufacturers and owners of guns. [17]  [19]  The more this pope speaks the more insane he sounds.  Who is actually speaking here?  The pope or a demon using him?   He tells his flock to shut up about abortion and birth control and start worrying about “sister earth” and how to save the planet from climate change, he happily accepts a communist crucifix gift and announces to the world that it doesn’t offend him at all, he does numerous chaotic interviews that send the world into a tailspin, and he seems completely unconcerned with the Eucharist being passed around at mega-Masses like hot-dogs at a weenie roast.  [1] With nearly every action he takes and every word he speaks the insanity is growing and we have to wonder…just who is speaking here?  A holy man or a puppet of the devil himself? [1] This is the same guy who rides in a bulletproof car. He’s also the same hypocrite whose Vatican danced around with the idea of homosexuality while conducting sodomite orgies, embraced anti-Christ Islam, recognized the terror state of Palestine, pushed for a new world order and even toyed with the idea of evolution. [17] Now he’s decided to target Christians who own guns and weapon manufacturers…  At a youth rally in Turin, Italy, he said, according to Reuters:

[People] who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit a distrust, doesn’t it?

The crowd applauded and he went on to criticize those who invest in weapons industries, saying:

Duplicity is the currency of today … they say one thing and do another.

Vatican-14-200x300  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' Vatican 14The questions that are burning everyone’s lips are the following: Is the Pope prepared to have the Swiss Guard that protects the Vatican send back their guns to the manufacturers?  Are the manufacturers who supplied the arms to liberate Europe from the Nazis also not Christians? [19]  In a piece written for, Larry Pratt said that he would like to remind the Holy Father that Gun Owners of America has made available some information about the subject that he might find interesting — namely, an article entitled: What Does the Bible Say about Gun Control?  He hope that the Pope will take a look at it and consider the mountain of Scripture referenced to show the Bible’s teaching that it is justifiable to use lethal force in self-defense.  “The Pope’s thinking ends with good guys standing by — unless they have a badge — while dirt bags rape, murder and steal,” he said. [19]   Larry Pratt reminds us that the gun control capital of America — a.k.a., Chicago — has the highest murder rate in the country.  By comparison, a very urban Fairfax County, Virginia has widespread gun ownership and readily available concealed carry permits.  The murder rate in Fairfax County is on a par with that in other countries where they enjoy lower homicide rates. [19] The pope is appealing to the emotions of people who do not understand the wickedness of the world they live in and how the 20th Century was among the bloodiest of all time. The majority of unnatural deaths occurred in the 20th Century as a result of democide (death by government). [17]

573679-959b78be-77b7-11e4-a255-99e9e1332fdb1  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' 573679 959b78be 77b7 11e4 a255 99e9e1332fdb1

By he way, the Pope’s personal protection army, known as the Vatican Swiss Guard, all carry the SIG SG550 rifle. This 5.56mm NATO select-fire rifle has a 20.8-inch barrel and is one of the most accurate and reliable modern combat rifles. Its 30-round clear lexan magazines clip together like ‘jungle mag’ style for rapid exchanges. The Guard owns both the standard StW90 rifle variant and the SG 552 Commando model (with 8.9-inch barrel, 19.8-inches overall with stock folded). With the Swiss military tradition of marksmanship, it’s guaranteed that these soldiers can use them if needed. [10]

popeguns  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' popeguns

The Sig 552 is standard issue with the Swiss Guards (for when swords alone will not do).

the-very-unusual-Dreyse-pistol-guarded-the-Pope-for-almost-eighty-years  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' the very unusual Dreyse pistol guarded the Pope for almost eighty yearsFor almost 80 years, the officers and NCOs of the Swiss Guard were armed with Hugo Schmeisser’s very homely Dreyse Model 1907 pistol. This 7-shot .32ACP was ugly but reliable. After the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul in 1981 by a Turkish hitman, the Guard upgraded these handguns to the logical SIG P220, which is standard issue for the Swiss Army. There are also a number of Austrian-madeGlock Model 19 9mm pistols used when a more concealable duty weapon is desired, such as on overseas dignitary protection. [20]

since-1990-the-standard-issue-pistol-of-the-swiss-guard-has-been-the-sig-p220-300x241  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' since 1990 the standard issue pistol of the swiss guard has been the sig p220Rifles of the Swiss Guard have long been whatever is standard with the Swiss Army. Since 1990, that has meant the SIG SG550 rifle. This 5.56mm NATO select-fire rifle has a 20.8-inch barrel and is one of the most accurate and reliable modern combat rifles. Its 30-round clear lexan magazines clip together like ‘jungle mag’ style for rapid exchanges. The Guard owns both the standard StW90 rifle variant and the SG 552 Commando model (with 8.9-inch barrel, 19.8-inches overall with stock folded). With the Swiss military tradition of marksmanship, it’s guaranteed that these soldiers can use them if needed. [20]

With their long flowing robe-like historic uniform, the Swiss Guard long ago figured out that a short, compact pistol-caliber subgun could be concealed for those times when things go pear shaped. This has made them long-time users of room brooms with Central European origins.

the-swiss-made-Hispano-Suiza-MP43-44-still-is-held-in-the-vaticans-armory-although-more-modern-guns-are-used  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' the swiss made Hispano Suiza MP43 44 still is held in the vaticans armory although more modern guns are used

The Swiss made Hispano Suiza MP43-44 is still held in the Vatican armory although more modern guns are used.

The Pal Kiraly-designed SIG MKPO was only 31-inches long but when it was introduced in 1933 and its interesting design almost immediately caught the Vatican military’s eyes. Although not adopted by the Swiss Army, the Pope’s guard bought several. The fact that this series of 9mm submachine gun could fire 900 rounds per minute and its 30-round magazine folded alongside the bottom of the stock for easy concealment (say, under a big balloon uniform) made it an obvious choice. In fact, the Guard is about the only known user of this forgotten gun. [20]

SIG MKPO with its magazine folded forward.  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' sig mkpo with its magazine folded forward

SIG MKPO with its magazine folded forward.

The HK MP7 (probably) rides shotgun with the dark (purple) suit wearing Swiss Guardsmen closest to the pope  Pope Francis: 'Christians with Guns are Going to Hell' the HKMP7 probably rides shotgun with the dark suit wearing Swiss Guardsmen near the pope

The HK MP7 (probably) rides shotgun with the dark (purple) suit wearing Swiss Guardsmen closest to the pope

Besides the unique MKPO, the Swiss Guard also acquired quantities of the 9mm Hispano Suiza MP43/44 subgun after World War 2. The MP43/44 is itself a better-made Swiss copy of the Finnish Suomi M31 submachine gun. In the 1970s, these guns were augmented by HK MP5s from West Germany, one of the first instances of the Guard using non-Swiss made guns.  Today the Guard now carries the ultra-modern HK MP7 PDW chambered in 4.6×30mm. This is a good choice as these same types are used by US Navy Seals, German GSG9 and just about anyone who doesn’t agree with Jerry Tsai.  Still, even though the Swiss Guard has access to the best HK burp guns doesn’t mean they threw their old stuff away. Recent pictures from inside their armory show no less than 52 beautiful Hispano Suiza MP43/44s, and a rack of super sweet little SIG MKPOs. You can be sure that if the Vatican is ever invaded these well-maintained old warriors are oiled and ready to go. Just add ammo. [20]

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About Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace is a self-fashioned writter, a computer programmer and cybermarketer from Quebec City, Canada who decided to enter the political arena after his disillusionment with the socialist system under which he was living in the French Canadian province of Quebec.
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