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Polish Woman Plan to Have Sex with Over 100,000 Men

100-000-banger  Polish Woman Plan to Have Sex with Over 100,000 Men 100 000 banger Another sad story showing how deep are the ravages of cultural marxism among the middle class people around the world.  A poor dumbed-down polish woman totally brainwashed by western-type ultra-liberal ideas is trying to turn her sex life into a full-time hobby… she want to have sexual intercourses with more than 100,000 men.  Ania Lisewska, a 21 years old graphic designer living in Warsaw, have announced that she wants to bed at least one man from every major city in the world.  [1]  How can she manage to get along with all the people from all those different part of the world, all those different culture?  Easy.  She make them regress to the lowest common denominator. On top of that, she’s apparently not affraid of becoming a walking talking biological hazard. Despite the general desaprobation and the cultural schock that this may cause to her entourage and to her conservative polish countrymen, she decided to attempt the massive non-stop pornographic  marathon anyway in what she described as a statement about “sex positivity.”  She explains:

I want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love sex, fun and men.  In Poland, the subject of sex is still taboo, and anyone who wants to fulfill their sexual fantasies is considered a deviant, a whore or mentally ill. [2]

sex-o-thon  Polish Woman Plan to Have Sex with Over 100,000 Men sex o thon

Sleeping with 100 000 mens. Who wouldn’t call that lunacy?

What the poor girl doesn’t seem to understand is that even if sex is not taboo in other part of the world, most people will probably tolerate her exentricities and smile at her because she so “emanticipated,” “trendy” and “liberal” but they will still considered her as “a mentally ill whore” behind her back; unless, of course, she make 10 millions dollars in the process, then she will be considered a commercial success.  But going through all this trouble and all this media frenzy just for a hobby, just for fun or to get attention would probably not command much admiration form celebrity and success worshipping westerners.  The story become even stupider when we learn the rest of the details.  Amazingly enough, Ania has a long-term boyfriend.  Although he’s not very happy about her venture, it seems that the poor bastard would have to endure and shut up while his girlfriend will be screwing the entire world.  Speaking about her boyfriend’s reaction, she added: “He’s not thrilled but has no choice and had to come to terms with it. [3]  She’s basically saying that “love” will certainly not stand in the way of her little teenage fantasies of participating in an intercontinental sexual-triathlon.  When questioned about her boyfriend she tell reporters that she’s running the show, that he doesn’t have a say, that he has “no choice,” humiliating the poor man in front of the entire world in the process.  That’s what third wave feminists call “equality.”  It would be interesting to take a look at that man.   Who in his right mind would go along with this shit?   Since she doesn’t have the funds to travel all around the world yet, Ania reportedly started her saucy sex challenge in her home city last month. She claims to have already slept with 284 people for at least 20 minutes each and will soon move abroad to add even more notches to her bedpost. [4]

gangbang-for-a--lifetime  Polish Woman Plan to Have Sex with Over 100,000 Men gangbang for a lifetime

A Facebook page and website have been set up so that her “fans” and potential conquests can sign up and keep track of her movements. With Ania planning to have sex only on weekends, it has been reported that she would have to be engaged in intercourse every Saturday and Sunday for the next 20 years to complete her challenge.

Ania’s International Pronographic Trek Angered Egyptian Islamists

angered-islam  Polish Woman Plan to Have Sex with Over 100,000 Men angered islamBut a few Egyptian Islamists are warning her to stay away from their country. Back in May, Ania Lisewska, a 21-year-old graphic designer in Warsaw, decided to attempt the massive man marathon in what she described as a statement about sex positivity. “I want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love sex, fun and men,” she said.  Lisewska tells the Huffington Post that in recent weeks, she has received offers from around the world, including the U.S., Brazil and, most recently, Egypt. Mohammad Abdel Moneim, a man who told Lisewska that he works in Egypt’s hospitality industry, has reportedly offered to bring her to the country, according to Eram News, an Arab language website.  The website quotes Moneim as saying that Lisewska was excited about visiting Egypt, because of what she heard “about the beauty and greatness of this country dating back to thousands of years” — and the virility of its men.  [5] The reports that Lisewska might be coming to Egypt has spurred anger among Islamists, according to [6]

I am considering many offers,” she told Huffington Post by email. “Some Arabs are threatening me, while others are encouraging me to come. I can deal with the uproar. [7] also noted that other users posted their mobile phone numbers in hopes Lisewska might call them personally. One commenter pointed out the hypocrisy of Muslim Brotherhood supporters who claim to be defending religion while eagerly reading an article about a woman attempting to have sex with as many men as possible. Another user angrily replied to that argument with this rejoinder: “So what if someone reads the article, we are not watching porn movies here!” Although she claims she is not charging for sex, Lisewska is looking for sponsors willing to fly her to various ports of call where she meet her potential sex partners. Without the funds to turn this sex romp into a full-time endeavor. Lisewska’s lusty hobby has been limited to weekends in Poland. “I have my entire life to do this, so I’m in no rush,” she told The Huffington Post. “Up to now, there have been 424.” [8]  In the most intense part of the marathon so far, she managed to get screwed by 35 men in 8 hours. Because she insist to allow at least 20 minutes for each sexual encounter, so she isn’t expecting to celebrate the end to this marathon anytime soon.

[5] David Moye, Ania Lisewska’s 100,000-Man Sex Marathon Angers Egyptian Islamists, The Huffington Post, 09/13/2013 8:45 am EDT
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[8] David Moye, Ania Lisewska’s 100,000-Man Sex Marathon Angers Egyptian Islamists, The Huffington Post, 09/13/2013 8:45 am EDT

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