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Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A ‘Gay Bomb’ to Make Enemy Soldiers Stop Fighting and Have Sex

BOMBPOSTER  Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A ‘Gay Bomb’ to Make Enemy Soldiers Stop Fighting and Have Sex BOMBPOSTER Make love not war may be the enduring slogan of anti-war campaigners but in 1994 the US air force produced its own variation on the philosophy. [7] As a matter of facts, one group of military scientists took the statement to heart and went on to design a “gay bomb” that would make enemy soldiers irresistible to each other.  [1] Scientists figured out that this libido overload would paralyze their ranks and destroy morale. [6] Far from being the product of conspiracy theorists, documents released to a biological weapons watchdog in Austin, Texas confirm that the US military did investigate the idea. [7] Researchers from the US Air Force submitted a three-page proposal to Pentagon chiefs to develop lust-creating chemical weapon, it has been revealed.  [1] It was included in a CD-Rom produced by the US military in 2000 and submitted to the National Academy of Sciences in 2002. The documents show that $7.5m was requested to develop the weapon. [2] [7] The documents released to the Sunshine Project under a freedom of information request titled “Harassing, Annoying and Bad Guy Identifying Chemicals” includes several proposals for the military use of chemicals that could be sprayed on to enemy positions. “One distasteful but non-lethal example would be strong aphrodisiacs, especially if the chemical also caused homosexual behaviour,” says the proposal from the Air Force’s Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio. [7]  The Pentagon did not deny that the proposal had been made: “The department of defence is committed to identifying, researching and developing non-lethal weapons that will support our men and women in uniform.” [7] Other ideas included chemical weapons that attract swarms of enraged wasps or angry rats to troop positions, making them uninhabitable. Another was to develop a chemical that caused “severe and lasting halitosis”, making it easy to identify guerrillas trying to blend in with civilians. There was also the idea of making troops’ skin unbearably sensitive to sunlight. [10] Captain Dan McSweeney, spokesman for the U.S. Marine Corps (search), told that the proposals went nowhere, but were stuck in the archives and sent along with other files to the National Academy of Sciences (search), which a few years back reviewed non-lethal weapons capabilities. “None of those ideas saw the light of day,” McSweeney said. “It was put forth as some brainstorming effort … and they were rejected out of hand.” [6] McSweeney added: “It is against the law, it is against the international chemical weapons ban, and the United States Department of Defense does not pursue those kinds of programs.” [6] The ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty (search) in 1997, which followed the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty (search) 20 years earlier, prevents the United States and other participating countries from creating, stockpiling or using toxic agents for warfare. Two exceptions are granted: The United States can use chemical weapons like tear gas for domestic law enforcement purposes and an executive order allows the military to reserve the right to use the same thing for “riot control” in wartime. [6] “The military does sometimes deploy with tear gas, and when they are given the authorization, they do use it,” said McSweeney. “But we are not in the business of developing what most people consider chemical weapons.” [6]

 shutterstock_120388222  Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A ‘Gay Bomb’ to Make Enemy Soldiers Stop Fighting and Have Sex shutterstock 120388222Those unknown and forgotten black project scientists were finally rewared with an Ig Nobel prize for peace, a spoof of the Nobel prizes. [1] Marc Abrahams, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research and the man behind the Ig Nobel awards, explained: “We don’t know if this document was the start and end of it or whether, in fact, this project continued and perhaps continues to this day.”  [1] The awards ceremony at America’s prestigious Harvard University celebrate the quirkier side of science, handing out 10 gongs. [1] Aaron Belkin, director of the University of California’s Michael Palm Centre, which studies the issue of gays in the military, said: “The idea that you could submit someone to some aerosol spray and change their sexual behaviour is ludicrous.” [7]

After the laughter dies down, several thoughts come to mind. First of all, the Pentagon is lying when they say the idea was “quickly dismissed.” Secondly, it is nice to see them finally recognize that homosexuality has a biological basis rather than just being a choice. But of course the LGBT community was “offended” since it’s their job to be offended by such things. “Gay community leaders in California said Friday that they found the notion of a ‘gay bomb’ both offensive and almost laughable at the same time,” the AP continues. [4] [8] “‘Throughout history we have had so many brave men and women who are gay and lesbian serving the military with distinction,’ said Geoff Kors of Equality California. ‘So, it’s just offensive that they think by turning people gay that the other military would be incapable of doing their job. And its absurd because there’s so much medical data that shows that sexual orientation is immutable and cannot be changed.'” [4] [8] Some say that perhaps the best clue lies in the political climate at the time. When newly elected President Bill Clinton attempted to lift the ban on homosexuals in the military, there was a din of saber rattling, pitchfork sharpening and moral hand-wringing from the military brass. [3]  The general consensus among many leaders of the military was touted by the Department of Defence, “Homosexuality is incompatible with military service.” And that allowing gay people in the military would pose a security risk and disrupt the needed order for the military to be effective.The resulting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell  (later fully called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Pursue, and Don’t Harass) compromise, which has since been struck down, was less than thrilling for the Pentagon at time. [3]

gaybomb  Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A ‘Gay Bomb’ to Make Enemy Soldiers Stop Fighting and Have Sex gaybomb

As to the science behind this military farce, while various companies, peddling scented sprays and rub-ons, find it expedient to claim that their product contains human pheromones which have an aphrodisiac effect, lab testing has lagged behind somewhat in actually “officially” confirming any of this. Admittedly, one section of the documents, entitled “New Discoveries Needed” acknowledges that, thus far, no such chemicals have been found to exist. [3] But of course even if such thing existed, they would probably never tell us and just use it.  Whether the Gay Bomb is real or not one thing is sure: it has gained a second lease on life through news media, popular culture and even academia. [3]  The news of this proposed weapon of mass lovin’ even spawned a musical, disappointingly entitled “Gay Bomb – The Musical”. Why they chose this title, as opposed to say “Brothers-in-Arms”, “Das Booty”, or “Saving Ryan’s Privates” is a mystery we may never solve… [3]


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