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New LGBT Summer Camp Indoctrinates Kids Into Crossdressing and Gender Nonconforming Bullshit

kid-fif  New LGBT Summer Camp Indoctrinates Kids Into Crossdressing and Gender Nonconforming Bullshit kid fifBelieve it or not, there is a summer camp for young boys that is training them to be queer, to adopt effeminate mannerisms, with the long-term goal being that to produce a homosexual.  [2] Photographer Lindsay Morris has been documenting this for the past four years.  She think that this monstruosity is a wonderful thing. She told the Huffington Post: “This camp is unprecedented and this is the most important story I have ever told.” [1] The Web Magazine Bold Italic says that it’s an “awesome camps” and Slate described the place as “a place for both parents and children to feel protected in an environment that encourages free expression.” [3] There have always been people who defy gender norms. Late-19th-century medical literature described female “inverts” as appallingly straightforward, with a “dislike and sometimes incapacity for needlework” and “an inclination and taste for the sciences”; male inverts were “entirely averse to outdoor games.” By the mid-20th century, doctors were trying “corrective therapy” to extinguish atypical gender behaviors. The goal was preventing children from becoming gay or transgender, a term for those who feel they were born in the wrong body. [7] No one knows why most children ease into their assigned gender roles so effortlessly and others do not. [7] Many parents and clinicians now reject corrective therapy, making this the first generation to allow boys to openly play and dress (to varying degrees) in ways previously restricted to girls — to exist in what one psychologist called “that middle space” between traditional boyhood and traditional girlhood. [7] That’s what this gender bending summer camp is all about. The youngsters who are participating to this mascarade are not freaks of nature who needs therapy anymore but, according to the politically correct terminology, they are rather considered as “gender-creative children.” [“[The kids] don’t have to look over their shoulders, and they can let down their guard. Those are four days when none of that matters, and they are surrounded by family members who support them,” Morris said.  [3] She told Slate that her photographic goal for the project is “to represent the spirit of these boys as they shine.” [3] Some of the ways in which the kids shine is through the talent and fashion shows at camp that are popular and for which the campers come well-prepared. [3]  The truth is that the photos are very hard to look at, and they reminds us how deep down the shit hole we really are from a cultural point of view when we consider how bad the poison of the gender studies and their “feel good” inclusive lunacy is currently affecting our youth today.  It’s hard for any sober minded person to possibly fathom the sick and depraved minds of the parents that would do this to their own children. [2] We live in a world that no longer accepts a moral guide or compass of any kind, family values are mocked and laughed at while immorality and wickedness is promoted through every avenue and outlet. Why do you think that Barack Obama proclaimed the entire month of June as LGBT Pride Month?  Camps like these and the mind-altering lessons they teach will absolutely find their way into the public school system, and they will be coming to indoctrinate your child next. [2] It is all part of the LGBT Mafia agenda to force their sick and twisted values down our throats. [2]  As the Bible stated:

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 [2]

Although it is unknown if the kids at the camp will eventually identify as gay or transgender—or even if the way gender and sexuality are defined throughout society will evolve— there is no doubts that the camp allows the kids to look at themselves in a completely different way. [3] Whether it is a good or a bad thing for them, it’s for you to decise.  Sounds like madness to me.  Like most useful idiots that are riding the “inclusiveness” bandwagon, Morris got emotionally sucked into this lunacy thinking that this can bring nothing but “good” for the kids.  Explaining where she want to go with her involvement with this project, she told the Huffington Post: “If I could give the outside world a glimpse into this very special place of acceptance, if everyone could experience this through these images, they might gain some respect for the other person’s predicament.” [3] She has no doubts that “through these images we are witnessing history.” [3]

Parents wildly applaud the transformation of a young boy into an effeminate homosexual-in-training at the You Are You Summer Camp  New LGBT Summer Camp Indoctrinates Kids Into Crossdressing and Gender Nonconforming Bullshit you are you 5

Parents wildly applaud the transformation of a young boy into an effeminate homosexual-in-training at the You Are You Summer Camp

The camp, “You Are You” (the name has been changed to protect the privacy of the children and is also the name of Morris’ series),  evolved as parents on an organized online list-serve, sponsored by the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., saw the need for their children to meet others who feel much as they do. [15] The parents hoped that through this exposure they could help to alleviate some of the lonely feelings that the children experience throughout the school year, and as a chance for the network of parents to come together in support of each other. [15] “People talked about how wonderful the camp was and cathartic for so many families and kids, so we made it a priority to go,” said Snyder, who is an IT specialist.  [4] The demographic of the camps is broad. They are from all over the country, racially diverse, with an impressive range of political and religious beliefs, but with the one thing in common; our children do not conform to societies expectations of what a boy or girl should be.[15] The camp, is for “Parents who don’t have a gender-confirming 3-year-old who wants to wear high heels and prefers to go down the pink aisle in K-Mart and not that nasty dark boys’ aisle,” Morris said with a laugh. [3] [8] The camp is composed mostly of boys but the girls are not excluded and Morris think that the camps respond to a need among the girl population as well. She don’t think that the needs of transgender boys are that much different form the needs of trangender girls so they are also welcome to the camp.

I believe the needs are very similar, perhaps more than you would think. The camp is open to biological girls. Last year there were two and hopefully this year there will be more. It would be wonderful to round out the essay documenting children on all points of the gender spectrum. [15]

Getting exact numbers is challenging. Some specialists estimate that 1 in 500 children is significantly gender nonconforming or transgender, according to the education and advocacy group Gender Spectrum. An older study based on statistics of postoperative transgender men put the number at 1 in 20,000. [4] Fewer than 700,000 Americans identify as transgender, according to the Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA Law School, which researches issues that affect people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.  [4] “They get enough questioning in their daily lives, so it’s a great place for them to express themselves as they feel. … I feel we hear so many of the sad stories and how LGBT kids are disproportionately affected by bullying, depression, and suicide, and it hangs a heavy cloud over them and kind of dooms them from the beginning. I’m saying this is a new story. This is not a tragedy.” [3]

ABC News tells the story of PJ.  Since he was a toddler, PJ has liked pink and purple. But it wasn’t until he started first grade, when the little boy drew a picture of himself in long hair and a dress, that he parents realized they had to be more proactive in dealing with his gender nonconformity. [4] “The first time it came up was when he was 2 1/2 in the shoe store,” said his father, Timothy Snyder, 42. “He was running around refusing to take pink tennis shoes off his feet. In pre-school, we bought him some dress-up dresses and a nightgown. [4] “We didn’t know how far the gender-bending would go,” he said. “It crept into our lives.” [4]  Today, the 10-year-old from Jersey City, N.J., is comfortable in his skin, because Snyder says they have supported his choices. And for the past three summers, he has gone to a camp for like-minded boys. [4] PJ, the boy’s initials because his parents want to protect his privacy, may never go on to identify as transgender. He adamantly tells his family and friends he is a boy. “School has not been terrible, but it’s definitely a challenge,” said his father. “He has gotten some teasing and microteasing. Things like, ‘Why do you wear your hair long?’ and, ‘I can’t remember if you are a boy or a girl.’ … It wears him down a bit. It causes issues with him – he has a fairly strong wall built up, but he gets defensive and angry easily.”  But now, PJ has a place free from bullying that has helped strengthen his self-esteem. For four days in the summer, he joins other boys, some as young as 3, at a camp where they can express themselves as girls through high heels, make-up and lots of girly colors. Here, these gender nonconforming children are given an opportunity to be free of judgment and able to express themselves creatively, perhaps openly, for the first time.

Halberstam-Jack-fifon  New LGBT Summer Camp Indoctrinates Kids Into Crossdressing and Gender Nonconforming Bullshit Halberstam Jack fifon

Jack Halberstam, professor of American and gender studies at University of Southern California

Jack Halberstam, professor of American and gender studies at University of Southern California, said society is as hard on girls who are gender variant as boys. Born female but identifying as male, he said “60 to 70 percent of my life,” he was mistaken as a boy. [4]  “It still has an impact,” he said. “Kids who are not exactly conventional — girls wearing boys’ clothes and playing boys’ games or people saying, ‘What a cute boy you have’ to parents. Whatever it may be, it has an impact. On top of that, adults have extreme discomfort with cross-identified children. It’s a toxic brew for creating confusion for children. [4] “The little girl who says she is a tomboy or wants to wear jeans or play with boys is fine, but the minute a girl says, ‘I like another girl and … and I only want to wear boys’ underwear, that means she becomes subject to the same kinds of policing scrutiny as boys,” Halberstam added. “Little girls who cross the line aren’t cute anymore.” [4] Halberstam said that the total numbers of gender-nonconforming children are “more common than you might expect.” [4]

A young boy at the camp being taught how to dress like a girl.  New LGBT Summer Camp Indoctrinates Kids Into Crossdressing and Gender Nonconforming Bullshit you are you 1

A young boy at the camp being taught how to dress like a girl.

The word is getting out quitely but surely.  The press has inspired many parents of gender-nonconforming children to contact Morris inquiring about camp. She believe that they’ll have a lot new camp members this summer as a result of the press coverage. [15] She said that they try to keep the numbers manageable and are talking about creating a handbook for families in other parts of the country intent on forming a similar camp. [15]  Morris is now engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in order to turn her work into a fully realized photography book in hopes of humanizing the experiences of these LGBT children.  [1] [6] Morris hopes to eventually produce a large multimedia show that travels the country and the world to show a new face of LGBT youth.  [3] According to her Kickstarter page, the money pledged will cover the cost of producing the book. Any funds raised beyond the $35K goal will contribute to a traveling exhibition which will consist of powerful, large-scale photographs of the children. [6] The children featured in Morris’ project are photographed with the permission of the their parents. Her ultimate goal is to start a foundation that raises money to help underwrite the cost of camp for kids unable to attend. [3] She also hopes to add even more dimension to the project, concentrating on producing more portraiture and documenting the transition the kids experience upon arrival to the camp. [3]  “I would really love to follow the kids into adulthood and see what kind of relationships they develop,” Morris said. [3] “I want to witness the evolution, knowing from where they started and see how life is going to play out for them—hopefully happily—and I think they’re going to have a better transition into adulthood than the generation proceeding them.”  [3] [8]  Well, I guess we can have our doubts about that.

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