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MTV: Saying “No Can Do” Or “Long Time No See” is Racist

crissedefolle  MTV: Saying “No Can Do” Or “Long Time No See” is Racist crissedefolle1 According to MTV News, using the phrases “long time no see,” “peanut gallery” and “no can do” is hurtful because the terms have “racist beginnings.” [1] What’s the big deal with these phrases? Well, as you may already know, leftists are very afraid of language and are easily “offended”; most of them cannot withstand any kind of disagreement, argument, opposition or criticism. That’s why they now want free speech banned from every field of human endeavor. Some words in the american language are hurtful and they must get rid of. “Language not only develops in conjunction with a society’s historical, economic and political evolution; it also reflects that society’s attitudes and thinking. Language not only expresses ideas and concepts but actually shades thought,” Robert B. Moore writes in Race, Class, and Gender: An Integrated Study. How we speak and what we choose to say speaks not only to us as individuals, but also to the broader cultural landscape in which we live. [3]  Apparently (according of leftists) the way average american is speaking tells us a lot about his congenital racism. This “inherent racism” embedded in some the most common phrase of american language must be purged at all costs.  Fortunately we have MTV teenage celebrities to assist our kids in their re-education process.  MTV host Franchesca Ramsey begins by claiming that the term “peanut gallery” is offensive because it was once the place where black people were “forced” to sit at the theater during segregation, despite the fact that the phrase has no racial connotations today whatsoever.  [1]  Saying “no can do” is also racist because it was used as pidgin English by Chinese immigrants in 1920’s America and subsequently “mimicked” by westerners. [1] What is sickening is the fact that Ramsey provides no evidence at all that Chinese people are even remotely bothered by this, but gets offended on their behalf anyway.  [1] Similarly, saying “long time no see” is also a “mimicry of pidgin English” and therefore represents a “nasty joke” aimed at Chinese people, despite the fact that virtually nobody using that phrase in the 21st century is even aware of its origins and has never used it in that way.   “Sold down the river” is also politically incorrect because of its association with slavery, while “hip hip hooray” is offensive due to a similar phrase being used at Nazi rallies.  [1] Using the word “gypped” to mean being cheated or swindled is also racist because of its association with the Romani people. Referring to them as “gypsies” is a racial slur “which oppresses the Romani people,” according to Ramsey.  Ramsey also asserts that laws have been passed to target gypsies, despite the fact authorities routinely fail to enforce laws against gypsies when they camp on private property. The argument that gypsies being prone to petty crime and stealing is a racist stereotype is also debunked by real world evidence of gypsy gangs being involved in organized crime in numerous major European cities. [1] As  have previously reported by Infowars.com, the MTV News YouTube channel now has little to do with reporting on music and everything to do with re-educating young people to police their language and embrace political correctness. [1] At least half of the videos featured on the channel are about racism and how white people are bad for using politically incorrect words or being offensive towards people of color. [1]

fuckyoumtv  MTV: Saying “No Can Do” Or “Long Time No See” is Racist fuckyoumtvIn a past video, which can be viewed below, Infowars.com critiqued MTV for regurgitating the nonsensical argument that it was impossible for black people to be racist towards white people.   According to former intelligence analyst Stella Morabito, political correctness is a tool for centralizing power, enabling, “cultural Marxists to capture the mediating institutions in our culture for ideological gain – the media, Hollywood, pop culture, academia and more.”   Political correctness creates “a semantic fog where manipulation can occur under the guise of being fair or non-discriminatory,” says Morabito.

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