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Miley Cyrus Now Wears Prosthetic Penis & Fake Breast

miley-cyrus-nightmare  Miley Cyrus Now Wears Prosthetic Penis & Fake Breast miley cyrus nightmareWe’ve grown to expect Miley Cyrus to be half naked most of the time, but this takes indecency and outrageous behavior to a whole new level! [1] [2] The ex-Disney star and world-famous musician is hitting the road with indie megaband the Flaming Lips to promote her most recent record, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, which the Flaming Lips helped write. [13] During the opening night of her new tour, the singer showed off her boobs and even rocked a prosthetic penis while performing. Those who attended Miley Cyrus’ concert on Nov. 19 got quite a show. Fans paid $69 for tickets, of course, including one who waited outside the Riviera Theatre for more than 30 hours. “She’s my favorite person in the entire world,” she said, “and this was my chance to see her up close and personal.” Perhaps a little too up close and personal.  [9] Stripping down is nothing new for the singer and she’s clearly content with really going there on her ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’ tour — these photos from the opening night are insane.  From her crazy VMA outfits, we knew Miley would be rockin’ some shocking costumes for this tour, but this is even crazier than we thought. In one look, she wears a strappy one-piece suit…with absolutely nothing underneath. So yeah, her breasts are totally hanging out (or are those fake? It’s hard to tell!) and in full view! But the look gets even crazier with the addition of a giant prosthetic penis and a messy lavender wig. [2] It wasn’t the only bizarre outfit that the 22-year-old showcased during the show, she dressed up as a giant sun at one point – while also stomping around the stage in a pair of moon boots.  [4] You think that this is crazy?  That’s apparently what the people want. “Due to overwhelming demand, two new shows have been added to the Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz Tour,” according to a press release published on Nov. 6. The crew added Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Columbia, to its lineup. [13]

miley-cyrus-dead-petz-2  Miley Cyrus Now Wears Prosthetic Penis & Fake Breast miley cyrus dead petz 2

This is probably the 22-year-old’s most revealing costume, but the rest of her looks are just as eclectic — she dresses up as a sun for one segment, and also wears a skimpy gold leotard during another. The whole event seems like one major party, with confetti and balloons seen raining down on the audience during another section. [1]  Miley’s regular tour companion, 6ft7 dancer Amazon Ashley was also clad in some racy looks, joining the singer on stage in a pair of silver leggings, gold dollar print nipple pasties and a huge rainbow wig, as Miley proceeded to nuzzle her chest.  The colourful theme continued with the stage design, with huge balloons floating around the theatre and a drop of confetti heralding the finale. [6] The Chicago Sun-Times called the concert “sloppy and scatterbrained,” while Rolling Stone described it as “glorious, turgid, porny and willfully amateur.” [8]

miley-cyrus-1  Miley Cyrus Now Wears Prosthetic Penis & Fake Breast miley cyrus 1

The “Wrecking Ball” singer seemed to be preparing us for what was to come from this tour with her insane Candy magazine photo shoot, which was released earlier this month. In the shocking pics, she poses completely naked, showing off all her unmentionables. Yes, we mean more than just her constantly-seen breasts. The NSFW photos leave literally nothing to the imagination. [1]

The star is no stranger to risqué outfits and controversial antics, having previously appeared at G-A-Y with an inflatable penis, during a performance which also featured her pretending to fellate a male blow-up doll. [11] Last year the former Hannah Montana star caused controversy miming a sex act on a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask, groping her backing dancers and wearing a glittering leotard seemingly decorated with cannabis leaves during her epic Bangerz tour.  Concert promoters were forced to deny her tour was in jeopardy due to to complaints from outraged parents, while the singer also addressed the rumours herself on Twitter, saying: ‘You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Now sit back relax & enjoy the show. #bangerztour.’ [6]

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