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Kanye West Wants to Leave America Because It’s Too Racist kanye west america is racis 620x330

Kanye West Wants to Leave America Because It’s Too Racist

Kanye West thinks that the U.S. is just too racist to live in anymore, and he’ll be darned if his daughter will encounter such negativity.  According to AmericanNews.com:  Kim was entering a medical building in California when the teenager called her a “n-word” lover. After being told that he should not use the word, the teenager allegedly threatened to murder Kim.  When Kanye heard of the news, he walked up to the teen and punched him in the face. [2] Now, it appears that the rapper is threatening to leave the  United States, claiming that he is dreading explaining to his daughter the negativity in American culture, society, and history.  Sources told Hollywood Life that after the physical confrontation, West “just held” his daughter, “held her tight and told her how much he loves her.  [4] “You know I’m dreading the day I’ve got to break this sh*t down to North and tell my little girl how f**ked up the world is. I don’t ever want her to go through what her mother did today,” West told reporters. [3] Kanye then exclaimed, “we’ve got enough money to buy our own island or some sh*t. I’ll be damned if I raise my daughter around ignorance and flat-out blatant racism.”  [1] [2] Who’s the racist here?  It’s such an ignorant position to claim for one instance that all Americans are racist! We are talking about a teenager messing around. We can’t blame Kanye for getting so angry about one racist idiot screaming epithets at his wife. On the other hand, I’m not sure we can trust the judgement of a guy who thinks his dancing on stage is dangerous as being a policeman or a soldier in war. [6] While the teenager in this incident is undoubtedly wrong, West, himself, has been criticized numerous times for his “reverse racism” and outright anger towards whites. [3] The United States made him rich and famous! Don’t forget that!  This the only place on earth where a talentless arrogant bastard like Kanye West can thrive and succeed to such a degree. Somehow, Kanye doesn’t see himself as part of the problem. What do you think? Stay or bye bye? Should we pack his bags for him?



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