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Anjem Choudary Send Tweet Justifying Charlie Hebdo Attack

Radical Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Considers the Cover of the Latest Edition of Charlie Hebdo as “an Act of War.”

Following the terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, which resulted in the death of 12, Choudary sent out tweets arguing that freedom of expression “does not extend to insult” the Prophet Muhammad, revealing the disconnect between Islam and the values of the West. Choudary also authored an op-ed in USA Today later that evening making the same argument. The cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed on the cover of Charlie Hebdo’s first edition since the massacre has been described as an “act of war” by a London-based Islamist cleric. [6]  The cover depicts the Prophet with a tear falling down his cheek, holding a sign reading “je suis Charlie”, replicating the phrase used on banners, stickers, clothes and social media as a show of solidarity in the wake of last week’s attacks. But radical preacher Anjem Choudary said “ridiculing” Mohamed is attacking his personality, calling the latest cartoon “extremely serious”. [6] Mr Choudary described Charlie Hebdo‘s cover as a “blatant provocation” and claimed insulting Islam and Muslims is “part of the war that is taking place”. [6] People should be “sensible and sensitive to the emotions and the feelings of the Muslims”, he added, accusing authorities of refusing to “nip it in the bud”. [6]  Choudary also voiced similar opinions in a 60 Minutes interview with Clarissa Ward in November when he condemned democracy and argued that “Islam is superior,” and the media is merely “propaganda for the Western regimes.” Choudary’s zealotry made him difficult to interview, Clarissa told 60 Minutes Overtime. “He’s like a steamroller… and he will just keep talking at you until you literally say, ‘You have to stop for a second and let me ask a question.'”  At the time of the 60 Minutes interview, Choudary had been accused of inciting Muslims across the West to join ISIS. Choudary denied those claims, but one of his young followers, Abu Rumaysah — a convert from Hinduism — echoed Choudary’s sentiments, telling Clarissa that Sharia law should be imposed across Europe, including death by stoning. Choudary remains in London and continues preaching radical Islam. He was quoted in The Independent saying that Charlie Hebdo’s depiction of Mohammad is sacrilegious and if the paper were to be tried in Sharia court, it would be subject to capital punishment. [6] “It’s not just a cartoon, it’s insulting, it’s ridiculing, it’s provoking,” he said. [7]  “These things always have a history of coming back and biting them. People are not going to forget. Muslims will never forget what these people did.  “And I’m sure there’s someone somewhere who will take the law into his own hands. It’s inevitable.  “There will be repercussions. I think there will be someone somewhere who will retaliate.” [7] Omer El-Hamdoon, from the Muslim Association of Britain, said the actual depiction of Mohammed and the satire element will offend Muslims.  “Because he is held in high esteem, we find that any sort of publishing of cartoons would not really be suffice to present the person he is,” he said.  “And this becomes more problematic when the actual cartoon is actually out there to offend people, to actually make a satire out of this image.”  Mr El-Hamdoon said this would be the view of the “majority” of Muslims.  People have tried to depict the Prophet in the past, not in a satirical way, but even this would not be accepted by mainstream Muslims, he added [7]

choudary-tweet  Anjem Choudary Send Tweet Justifying Charlie Hebdo Attack choudary tweetDespite what Anjem Choudary might say, Hundreds of copies of the ‘survivors’ edition of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine are expected to go on sale in the UK when the magazine is published on Wednesday. [7] Smiths News and Menzies are expected to be purchasing up to a 2,000 copies to supply to stores in the Uk. [7] The edition which is expected to be released on January 14 will see three million copies sent to newsagents across France and the rest of the world. It is not expected to reach some UK shelves until Friday. Customers from the UK have been taking to French media sites to try and order copies online. [7]

Sean Hannity Interview Choudary about the Paris Attack

Sean Hannity confronted radical Muslim imam Anjem Choudary Wednesday night over a tweet justifying the attack on in the the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris.

“You’re saying you do not believe in freedom of speech, you don’t believe in freedom of expression, you believe in Islamic fascism, that people must abide by your laws?” Hannity asked.

“Actually, as a Muslim, we believe that sovereignty and supremacy belongs to God and therefore we believe in submitting to the commands of God,” Choudary responded.

“You’re saying you do not believe in freedom of speech, you don’t believe in freedom of expression, you believe in Islamic fascism, that people must abide by your laws?” Hannity followed up.

“Actually, as a Muslim, we believe that sovereignty and supremacy belongs to God and therefore we believe in submitting to the commands of God,” Choudary added.

Hannity, who has been in heated debates with the radical cleric several times prior, ran a series of question by Choudary to expose what the imam argued was “real Islam.”

“So you’re saying anything offensive about the prophet Muhammad should be illegal and it should be worldwide?” the Fox News host asked.

Choudary, admitting the goal is to force Sharia law on the entire world, answered predicatably.

“I still think you’re an evil SOB, but I really want people to hear you,” Hannity said at the conclusion of the interview.

“I think you should look in the mirror Sean,” Choudary snapped back.

Mr Choudary previously protested against cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed carried in Danish publications outside the country’s embassy in London and was fined £500 for organising the illegal gathering. [6] In late September, 2014, Choudary was arrested by Scotland Yard as part of a major investigation into Islamist terrorism. Choudary tweeted a number of controversial tweets shortly before his arrest by Metropolitan Police, claiming in one that “it has already been foretold by Muhammad(saw) that Muslims & Christians will fight a big battle in As-Sham & that Muslims will prevail.”  Because of a general weak stance toward radical Islam in Europe, he was released. Consequently, Cherif Kouachi, one of the gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo attack, was already convicted in 2008 of terrorism charges for helping funnel fighters to Iraq’s insurgency and, in accordance with France’s weak stance on radical Islam, sentenced to just 18 months in prison.  He remains at large. [9]

[2] Charlie Hebdo cover is an “act of war”, CBS News,  2015 Jan 15
[9] Radical London Imam Anjem Choudary Defends Tweet Justifying Charlie Hebdo Attack, People’s Pundit Daily,  January 8, 2015 7:40 AM·

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