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Huffington Post Writer: I Will not Have Children So I Will not Spread my White Privilege

conasse  Huffington Post Writer: I Will not Have Children So I Will not Spread my White Privilege conasse

Ali Michael

Ali Michael, a writer for the Huffington Post, sometimes wishes she wasn’t white. And she decided in her 20s that she would not “have biological children because I didn’t want to propagate my privilege biologically.”  [1] The inverted racist bigot considers whiteness as a shameful feature that should be eliminated in the future [6] Michael’s  ludicrous irrationality now passes for enlightened thought at a mainstream American website, the Huffington Post, and a major American university. [11]  Of course, the vile actions of white racist cranks like the Charleston shooter don’t help when such issues are discussed, but the actual fact is that ‘white privilege’ is just the latest propaganda weapon in the armoury of a long-running and deeply sinister operation to destroy European Christianity and national sovereignty for ever, by destroying the people who created them. [6] In an article titled, “I Sometimes Don’t Want to Be White Either,” Ms. Michael show how deep her leftist brainwashing is running as she details her feelings on being white and the Rachel Dolezal story.  Ms. Michael writes of Dolezal, “She is stuck in the immersion/emersion stage, in which White people, having learned extensively about the realities of racism, and the ugly history of White supremacy in the U.S., “immerse” themselves in trying to figure out how to be White in our society, and “emerge” with a new relationship to Whiteness.”  She concludes, “her way of dealing with the pain of the reality of racism, was to deny her own Whiteness and to become Black.”  [2] Ms. Michael notes that Dolezal is not alone, however. In fact, she went through it herself and identifies with Dolezal. “I definitely experienced this,” she explains.  “There was a time in my 20s when everything I learned about the history of racism made me hate myself, my Whiteness, my ancestors… and my descendants. I remember deciding that I couldn’t have biological children because I didn’t want to propagate my privilege biologically.”  [2] Thus, Ms. Michael details, she will never have children, but she may adopt.  “If I was going to pass on my privilege, I wanted to pass it on to someone who doesn’t have racial privilege; so I planned to adopt. I disliked my Whiteness, but I disliked the Whiteness of other White people more,” she writes.  [1] [2] The very idea of a world without Whites makes Ali weak at the knees — well, it’s either that or the meds kicking in and making her drowsy; whichever, the fantasy to her is very real. [5] “I felt like the way to really end racism was to feel guilty for it, and to make other White people feel guilty for it too,” she continued. “And then, like Dolezal, I wanted to take on Africanness. Michael’s describes her efforts as virtually all-consuming: She lived with a black family for a time, shaved her head, and read exclusively black authors. She also lashed out at those who dared to be white without shame. [4]  I didn’t want to be White, but if I had to be, I wanted to be White in a way that was different from other White people I knew.  “I wanted to be a special, different White person. The one and only. How very White of me,” she adds.  She then talks about the “pain of being White,” writing, “But the lesson for me is remembering how deep the pain is, the pain of realizing I’m White, and that I and my ancestors are responsible for the incredible racialized mess we find ourselves in today. The pain of facing that honestly is blinding. It’s not worse than being on the receiving end of that oppression.” [2]

RushLimbaugh  Huffington Post Writer: I Will not Have Children So I Will not Spread my White Privilege RushLimbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

This must be the stupidest article I ever read. It is always horrifying to get a glimpse of how intensely “anti-racist” types hate whites. Like the environmentalists who advocate human extinction, this hatred may lead them to attempt to kill the future by not having children. But they don’t hate whites quite enough to kill themselves. [13]  Ali’s doing everything she can to de-Whiten herself without resorting to boot polish, but by thinking her way into un-White. She was born in shame, by coming into this world with White skin, and it’s her avowed mission to promote inverse racism in order to encourage other Whites to willingly self-destruct. [5] Rush Limbauch also think that this is ridiculous:

Folks, this is insanity.  If it’s not insanity, this is uber-irrationality, and it passes now for enlightened thought, elite thought at a major American university in I guess what is a mainstream American website, the Huffing and Puffington Post.  It’s ludicrous.  But it is the result of a — she admits it here.  I mean, she was taught this.  She didn’t independently think all of this stuff.  This was pummeled into her from the earliest moments of her life that she could remember. […] So, you see, even hating your whiteness is a typical white privilege.  And CNN has some confused person that they put on as an official commenter, can’t think of her name.  I probably wouldn’t mention her name if I knew what it was ’cause it’s not about individual people here.  This is a whole class, a whole group of people that had their minds corrupted, polluted, and practically wrecked with all of this guilt and all of this hatred that has literally turned people into walking, irrational automatons.  It’s a huge problem, folks.  It is not fringe. […] It isn’t sane.  It is not normal.  I don’t care what anybody says.  I know I’m gonna get skewered for this. I’m gonna be called intolerant, but, you know, tolerance does not mean sitting idly by and smiling while your culture is destroyed. [12]

Beginning with the revisionist Marxists of the Frankfurt School in the 1930s, and given a new lease of life when the theories of Gramsci were taken up by the student revolutionaries of 1968, the Marxist obsession with eliminating white Christian European culture and identity has also dovetailed with the interest of the corporate global elite in destroying nation states that might stand in the way of maximum profits. [6]  The resulting assault on our people is actually more ‘racist’ than any movement in history, a sort of inverse mirror image of the very worst excesses of Nazism, except that this time it is the indigenous peoples of European stock who are marked out for destruction by the globalist supremacists. The whole drive is of course utterly contrary to the teachings of the Bible, in which it is clearly stated that the creation of the different nations of Man was the work of God. [6] As the Daily Stormer has noted, according to this ludicrous view of the world, when all the Whites are gone, the gentle and harmonious peoples of colour will frolic happily in the daisy garden as a rainbow stretches in a liberating arc over the sky, and birds twitter a song of joy.  Thereafter climate change will reverse, drought stricken river beds will once more flow with azure waters, and the energy of all that love will create a fragrant pink cloud over the land like an endless bubble-gum bubble that never bursts. No one will go hungry, there’ll be no bad feels because no one will hurt anyone else’s feels, and all the non-White peoples of this new world of equality will share in prosperity each and alike. [5]

Michael, the director of P-12 Consulting and Professional Development at the Center for the Study of Race Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania, boasts writing or editing books on the topic of “whiteness,” including Raising Race Questions: Whiteness and Inquiry in Education and Everyday White People Confront Racial and Social Injustice.  [9] As producer, Michael advertises short films on her website with names like Speaking Truth to Privilege and Teens Talk Racial Privilege.  Michael is not alone in her sentiments – and expressing them through the media. Journalist Hannah Miet similarly wrote for The Washington Post “I’m a white woman who dated a Black Panther. I could have been Rachel Dolezal.”  “While I don’t agree with Dolezal’s actions,” Miet said, “I do think we have that in common: the refusal to live in cultural isolation.” [9]

Rachel_Dolezal  Huffington Post Writer: I Will not Have Children So I Will not Spread my White Privilege Rachel Dolezal—————————————————-

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