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Hillary’s Terrorist Strategy: A Return to 1960’s Flower Power

hillary-hippie  Hillary’s Terrorist Strategy: A Return to 1960’s Flower Power hillary hippie

Hillary Clinton

The Democratic Party’s presidential heir apparent Hillary Clinton on Wednesday verbally assaulted the Republican presidential candidate on Thursday during a conversation with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a devoted progressive managing a city close to bankruptcy.  While the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and his rival Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, criticized the Obama administration for not being tough enough on Islamic terrorists, Clinton called their discussions “the messages of negativity, of exclusion, of discrimination” referring to the Muslims in the United States, in Europe and throughout the world.  “We like to say in my campaign that love trumps hate,” she said. “And we will look for ways to put that into practice and action. We cannot allow our nation to be pitting groups of people against one another,” she added.

“I listened to Clinton and thought she sounded like a mixture of a campus radical, a Saul Alinsky activist and a flower child. Instead of wanting to protect the American people from terrorists, she’s concerned about protecting terrorists and their supporters from the American people,” said former police officer and U.S. Army Ranger Stanley Raymond Fenster.  “And if anyone pits one group against another its Hillary Clinton. What’s the war on women about? What’s her attacks on police officers in front of black audiences all about? The Democratic Party creates ‘voter blocks’ not proud American citizens,” he said.  “Here’s woman who pushed for — and voted for — the Iraq invasion; who hyped the need to support the overthrow of Egypt’s dictator; who became friends with the Muslim Brotherhood calling the terrorists ‘moderates;’ and she took active part in the overthrow of Libya’s dictator. But now she’s saying the GOP proposals are too aggressive, while cops are still searching for body parts, clues and missing tourists,” said Iris Aquino, a former police officer from New York.  “She’s attempting to run her campaign to the left of the most far-left lawmaker in the U.S. [Bernie Sanders] and that’s quite a trick for someone being investigated by the FBI and a number of public-interest law firms like Judicial Watch,” Aquino said.

navyseal  Hillary’s Terrorist Strategy: A Return to 1960’s Flower Power navyseal

Former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor

The two top GOP candidates are strongly advising U.S. law enforcement to monitor and help secure American Muslim communities in order to detect Islamic extremists. Clinton and her sycophants are calling such action an attack on civil rights of a minority group.  But a former drug enforcement officer who has worked in both the U.S. and in other countries finds the civil-rights angle a red herring. “Listening to these liberal-left politicians who never did anything but run for office is both comical and sad,” said former Narc Officer Dennis Tobias.  “When the feds went after the Gambino Crime Family, you know damn well they went into the Italian neighborhoods especially in Howard Beach (Queens, New York). Does anyone really believe the federal prosecutors said, ‘Wait, don’t violate the Italian people’s civil rights. They’re not all part of the Mafia,’” Tobias said.  “Hillary Clinton and President Obama have been wrong about ISIS at every turn, which has resulted in more attacks and a more dangerous world,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement.   “We need a president who will take a fundamentally different approach to defeat radical Islamic terrorists, not someone like Hillary Clinton who dangerously believes we ‘finally are where we need to be,’” he added, referring to her widely criticized quote from December.  Although Clinton is freely spouting her talking points without any real challenge from a news media more concerned with stopping Trump, many former military, intelligence and law enforcement officials are out and about reminding Americans about Mrs. Clinton’s past.  According to former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor of the group Special Ops Education Fund, “[Neither Obama nor Clinton] served in uniform so we don’t expect him to understand what it takes to defend America – but I can tell you it starts with calling the people who are trying to kill us terrorists.”  “It’s no surprise that terrorists are striking the West at will when our foreign policy is coming out of Benghazi,” he said, a reminder of Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s news-media assisted cover up of the Battle of Benghazi. Four Americans were killed by terrorists and others were left to fend for themselves by two leaders who cared more about saving their political hides,” said former U.S. Marine and police lieutenant Michael Snopes.

“Our President is more concerned about photo opportunities with dictators and coddling the enemies of the West than he is about our safety.” – Former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor .



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