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Gay Pride Parade in Muslim Area of Sweden Called “Racist”, Sparks Protest by “Anti-Nazi” Leftists commie anti nazi lunatics l 620x330

Gay Pride Parade in Muslim Area of Sweden Called “Racist”, Sparks Protest by “Anti-Nazi” Leftists

This is a follow up to the story we posted a few days ago about the planned Gay Pride Parade Through a Muslim Area in Stockholm. Here is footage from the spectacle.  Noteworthy, beyond the quickening fall of Sweden, is that there is now an internal conflict within the “tolerance” competing libtard groups. One one side you have the the full on Cultural Marxists and cardy carrying hippie socialists and on the other is the “far-right” cuckservatives of Sweden – who are trying to criticize Muslims (not immigration) by joining up with the gay social justice warriors.  It’s starting to get VERY confusing, especially for them. They can’t seem to make heads or tails about what group in the equation is the “more suppressed” one. So it’s tricky with whom to side with against traditional Swedish society. The result so far is that you have two rainbow flag carrying “teams,” trying to outdo the other with “tolerance signaling.”

A “Gay Pride” parade through a predominantly Muslim area of Stockholm, Sweden, organized by far-right and gay activists got disrupted as they were greatly outnumbered by anti-racists who said the march was “provocative” and “racist”.  The organizer of the event is bisexual and married to an Indian woman.  “Anti-Nazi” protesters protesting against the gay pride march as it was “racist” towards Muslims were reportedly assaulted on their way home by Muslims.  At the end you can hear black kids screaming “BÖGAR, BÖGAR” (Faggot, Faggot”) and throwing rocks at the “Faggots” while later desecrating the gay pride flags.  This shows, that when faced with the decision of gay rights or not offending Muslim values, the hypocritical left will always side with Muslims. Islam calls for the execution of all homosexuals.  Swedes in Stockholm are set to be a minority in their own city within just a few years as it has already happened with Malmö.



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