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FreeTheNipple Advocates Created A Ludicrous Bathing Suit Top

nipple-lunacy  FreeTheNipple Advocates Created A Ludicrous Bathing Suit Top nipple lunacy The #FreeTheNipple movement is going strong. In case you need a recap, it’s basically exactly what it sounds like. Feminazis think it’s awful that we live in this terribly oppressive society that doesn’t embrace the female breast in all its bra-less glory, so something MUST BE DONE about it.  People need to be re-educated. It’s becoming more of mainstream movement. Anyway, the story started when a lesbian couple, Robyn and Michelle Lytle, started to believe the nipple needed to be freed as well. Long story short, they hosted a couple of exchange students from the Netherlands, and apparently, the students didn’t know you couldn’t just stroll onto any beach without a top on.  They didn’t think twice because this is legal and socially acceptable abroad,” Robyn Lytle told Mic. [2] While men are free to walk shirtless as they please, being topless if you’re a woman is illegal in some American states. The women were confused, therefore, when a lifeguard told them it was illegal to expose their nipples — ironic since he delivered this information shirtless.  They concluded that indecency laws are just “unfair and a gross double standard.” [1] Gross. Well, if it wasn’t gross before it’s certainly gross now.  Why? Because the two women decided to do something about this terrible injustice and what they did was exactly that… gross. That’s when the TaTa top was born.  With that in mind the bizarrely realistic garment has been created in order to tackle the lack of gender equality when it comes to bearing all.  They wanted to “push the boundaries, make society question the social norms and dig a little deeper” and “mess with these outdated laws and the authorities that enforce them.”  [1] [2]  The $28 (£16.50) top was initially launched just for lols but they soon realised they could use their novelty-wear for good. [4] The bathing suit is busting out all over on social media and has been featured by over 20 news outlets including BuzzFeed, Jezebel, and Cosmopolitan. [10] On their website they write: “It’s great to create a product that makes people laugh but it’s even better to be able to do something very serious with that success.” [4]  The new TaTa top is marketed as “the breast bikini top ever!” [11] The point Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle are trying to make is pretty much the same stupid shit as the #FreeTheNipple Movement:

Why can’t girls be topless? If you really think about it, what’s the difference between a man’s nipples and a woman’s? Is it really just the extra breast tissue? Is it the fact that women’s nipples are paired with a vagina?  Is it the presence of a real and true female nipple bare to the world that is so offensive, that is so horrid that it must be kept covered?  Who is this law protecting and what are they protecting them from? What message does it send to young women about their bodies? That they should be ashamed and keep them covered?

Michelle Lytle added in an interview with Salon that by making the wearer look like she is baring her nipples, the TaTa Top exposes people to the idea of toplessness, thereby lessening the shock factor. [8] Although not directly associated, the bikini hits (online) shelves in the wake of the #FreeTheNipple movement. [3] “Once a woman claims ownership of her body and her sexuality, and possibly walks around topless, she is seen as shameful and indecent and offensive,” Robyn Lytle observed. And other Free the Nipple proponents agree. [2]

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TaTaembed21  FreeTheNipple Advocates Created A Ludicrous Bathing Suit Top TaTaembed21The campaign – originally started by filmmaker Lina Esco – has seen hundreds of women parade topless around New York to end gender-specific double standards.   #FreeTheNipple got a celebrity boost when Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, strolled topless through the city, documenting it on Twitter.  [3] The TaTa Top will allow women to support the campaign in a way that’s completely legal (and brilliantly sneaky). “You look topless…but you aren’t, and therefore, are not breaking any laws,” the website reiterates.  “If the sight of uncovered nipples makes you shudder in fear or pop off in anger, then game on and may the breast girl win.”  Happy customers have already been wearing the top with pride and posting some utterly fabulous snaps on Instagram… [3]  Lytle says she has worn the top “everywhere,” adding that her next stop is North Avenue Beach in Chicago, where it is illegal for women to appear sans bra, according to city law. [10]

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nippleidiocy  FreeTheNipple Advocates Created A Ludicrous Bathing Suit Top nippleidiocyLytle is aware that it’s not just feminists who will flock to this product (Enter again: Spencer Gifts’ customers), and anticipates drunk kids at the Jersey Shore and Venice Beach might be interested in it, too. “I don’t think a lot of people think about exactly how serious this issue is,” she said. But that’s not a deterrent to her. “Even if they’re not buying it to champion the cause,” said Lyte, “they’re still supporting the cause.” [20] Talking about her customers, Lytle said: “We have mothers buying the TaTa Top because they are sick of being shamed for breastfeeding in public. We have husbands buying the tops for their wives who are breast cancer survivors and have undergone double mastectomies. We have women buying the tops to make a statement — to push boundaries in small, conservative towns. We have had customers who have been arrested for tanning topless on beaches and then they go back to tan in the TaTa Top and watch the same cops come over and the cops end up confused about how to approach the subject.” [2] So far, the top is available in three shades—light, medium, and dark—but the team “hopes to expand to one-pieces, tops with piereced nipples, tankinis, bottoms with printed public hair—and maybe even a men’s swimsuit, to benefit testicular cancer charities,” reports Chicago RedEye.  [13] People magazine reports that a woman recently been forced to resign from her sorority for wearing this ridiculous bathing suit.  She’s been accused of transgressing Phi Mu Fraternity’s Policy on Human Dignity/Noble Womanhood. [9] Meanwhile, the idea that nudity, even feigned nudity, will create gender equality is not supported by any evidence from history or science. If Michelle Lytle and Robyn Graves’s logic held water, every female in the entertainment industry would be respected. When Jennifer Lopez wore her now-famous green Versace dress (it has its own Wikipedia page), did men see her and think she might be a worthy adversary in a game of chess? And to those women who purchase the TaTa Top, if you truly feel like you are being disenfranchised by wearing a bra, just visit a nudist beach.  [10]

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