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Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power

Political Correctness: Setting Up the Rape of the Mind

agent  Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power agentA former intelligence analyst, Stella Morabito, who grew up in a left-wing family and calls herself a “realist,” is speaking out about mass manipulation, political correctness and the transgender agenda.   Her writings at The Federalist got the attention of Rush Limbaugh back in June when he seemed fascinated by her piece on mass delusion.  [1] A subsequent related piece is here.   In this exclusive video interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation, she details how the left uses mass manipulation techniques to confuse Americans and grab power. She condemns conservatives for not even realizing the behavior modification techniques being employed in the political square, such as those encouraged by liberals such as Cass Sunstein, who wrote the book “Nudge” or George LakoffIt was a project of cultural Marxists to capture the mediating institutions in our culture for ideological gain – the media, Hollywood, pop culture, academia and more. “If you push an agenda to centralize power, you need mass ignorance and effective propaganda.” [1] Political propaganda aims to mobilize the masses to move an agenda forward. That’s most effectively done when the masses are unaware of the process. It’s what “community organizers” work towards, whether they know it or not. Once the masses are mobilized to push for a cause, the propagandists’ goals can be put into law. [3] Morabito says political correctness provides “a semantic fog where manipulation can occur under the guise of being fair or non-discriminatory.”  It is this “semantic fog” that allows for mind to be raped. It amounts to an act of “logicide,” to borrow a term from Dutch psychiatrist Joost A. M. Meerloo. To kill logic and reason that might stand in their way, wannabe dictators “fabricate a hate language in order to stir up mass emotions.” [3] According to Morabito, the end-game of all of this is to take total and complete control of your personal relationships. “Our personal  relationships are the prime target of political correctness,” she said. “Full control of one-on-one  relationships has always been the aim of tyrants, throughout history.  The outlets — media, academia and Hollywood — are basically just means for capturing the big prize of controlling personal relationships.” [4] Each person influences the perceptions of others simply through conversation. We all have the power to embolden others and create ripple effects, and reverse-ripple effects, merely by identifying our views to those who know us, trust us, like us, or identify with us. [8] This is what they are after.

Political correctness is primarily a tool for crushing people’s ability to have open conversations in friendship and mutual respect. In this context, it seems very much like a tool to bring all personal relationships under state control. And it shouldn’t surprise us that this is being done today in the name of equality for certain kinds of personal relationships. Tyrannies always pretend to promote the very thing they seek to destroy. [3]

She details three tactics of the manipulation she observes. These include being subtle enough that people are not aware of the manipulation, changing our language to achieve thought control and the leverage of social isolation being used to force conformity to the elite’s narratives.  As for those who dissent from the elite’s orthodoxy or narratives, Morabito praises their courage. She mentions three positive possibilities of people who have the courage to be politically incorrect against the dominant narratives in this culture. First, such a neighbor or friend could embolden a like-minded person who is fearful, causing a positive “ripple effect.” Second, they could influence a “fence-sitter” by nudging deeper thinking, she says. And lastly, even if the listener disagrees and rejects your point of view, you may water down the stereotype or caricature made of those who hold core American principles. [1]

The Fuel the Political Correctness Machine: Fear and Desire

fear--  Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power fearThere are two emotions that are basically the “fuel” of the machine of political correctness, Morabito says in an other article entitled Stella Morabito: Fear powers the PC machine. Hollywood helps deliver it. These emotions are fear and desire. Our fear of being rejected is powerful because being shunned is like social death. Just the threat of shunning often creates compliance. In a similar manner, our desire to be accepted and connected can cause us to self-censor or even to falsify what we really believe. [5] Mindless obedience develops a bit later, when there are no family or friendship bonds in a person’s life that can compete with the interests of the PC agendas. Mindless obedience can also result simply through habit, which is why self-censorship is a particularly hazardous trap for conservative women. Such habits, when ingrained, bring us to the next phase, which we might call “mass delusion.” Mass delusion has a way of settling in after the consolidation of mass compliance. That’s a Twilight Zone state of mental fog in which people are willing to have reality dictated to them instead of being able to discern reality through their own thought processes and civil discourse with others. [5]

The Two Processes of the PC Machine: Saturation and Suppression

Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power duct tape parentMorabito  also explains that the engine of the PC machine operates by two methods: saturation and suppression. First, a word about saturation. The outlets of communication – Hollywood, academia, and the media (I now use the acronym HAM) – are the means of totally drenching society and popular culture with PC narratives. The constant noise first serves to desensitise people, then to gather compliance from them. The more implausible the agenda item, the more HAM marinates our minds in the idea. One example today is the incessant repetition of the transgender narrative. Suppression is the flip side of the PC coin. PC requires that civil discourse and debate be out of the question, because free inquiry is known to awaken reason and cause people to think actively. Active thinking competes with PC messages which tend to be fragile and often time-sensitive just like it’s the case with any stimulus-response type of conditioning. So agents of PC tend ruthlessly to smear and shout down anyone who dares to question a PC agenda item. Suppression of competing language and thought is absolutely essential to the survival of the PC message. If you think of PC as bacteria, suppression would be the dark room and the culture required for the bacteria’s growth and replication. [5]

The LGBT/Gender Identity Movement

rush-gay-agenda  Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power rush gay agendaMorabito continues by discussing the emergence of gender identity theorists who seek a gender-less society and maximum conformity in order to amass power. [1] Those newly propagandized ideas seem to have taken America by storm just in the past decade or so. Same-sex marriage is only one of those ideas. Transgenderism is now eclipsing that notion, and its propaganda techniques—wrapped in the language of civil rights—are getting Americans on board with the idea of erasing all sex distinctions in law, including their own. It’s as though Americans are buying into a fast-talking sales pitch without being allowed to read the print, whether it’s large print or small. [3] Look at the successful silencing tactics of something called the LGBT lobby.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender lobby. [2] Whatever that is, it’s less than 2% of the American population.  And yet look at how they are steamrolling the entire population and demanding conformity or else.  [2] Based on the silencing tactics revealed by the LGBT lobby, many observers are likely now thinking: “Gee, I thought marriage equality was merely a gay rights movement. I didn’t realize that fascism was part of that package.” [3] The Great Unraveling continues at a rapid clip when slipping on a pronoun in these days of transgender rule could cost you your career or earn you massive social media rallies chanting “hater” at you. [3] Now, there’s a factor here this piece doesn’t mention, Rush Limbauch remarked. Not so long ago transgenderism was something that was way over there. There was nothing mainstream about it whatsoever. It was just not spoken of.  Now it’s front and center, it’s normal, and, in fact, it’s celebrated.  Magazine covers do it.  Rush Limbauch said that he don’t think any of this could have happened this rapidly without Twitter.  “I think Twitter is a sewer,” he said.  Because Twitter has many sewers in it where a lot of Twitter trolls live.  And the sewers of Twitter happen to be profoundly influential because they bully and threaten and intimidate.  Leftists are using it to quiet people.  They shut people up. They get people fired.  It is an incredible sociological thing to watch happen.  “It amazes me and how there is no push-back to any of this,” Limbauch said.  [2] “You thought gay rights was an equality movement.  You thought gay rights was based and rooted in equality, and the people promoting it, that’s all they cared about was equality.  You had no idea that fascism was gonna be a part of it, and that is that if you didn’t agree with it, you are a target. If you don’t love it, you are a target,” he added. [2]

The Single’s Right Movement

hzz07dugsu65xa7888yu_400x400  Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power hzz07dugsu65xa7888yu 400x400There’s more on the horizon. Stella Morabito warns us against a singles’ rights movement that promises to end legal recognition of all marriage. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but the singles rights movement, it’s classic.  It is a fraudulent movement according to Rush Limbauch, and “it’s designed to appear as a reaction to gay marriage and transgenderism, people who want to remain single and not be discriminated against. But it’s actually all part of the same movement to obliterate everything traditionally to do with marriage.  “The objective of the singles rights movement is to end all legal recognition of marriage anywhere it can be found,” he said.  [2]

The Transhumanism Movement

Transhumanism  Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power TranshumanismThen there is transhumanism, which includes a push to end “fleshism” by enacting laws that protect non-biological entities from discrimination. [1] In the interview with the Daily Caller (see below) Stella Morabito discusses the newly-introduced Equality Act and how dangerous its scope is.  Near the end, she condemns Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for living out how he subjectively imagines a woman’s life to be. She says this is merely part of the mass confusion where there is “more detachment from reality to make us think we’re happy.” [2]

Mass Dellusion vs Freedom of Speech

oic-erasing-freedom-of-speech-edited-1  Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power oic erasing freedom of speech edited 1The left has been using social psychology on the masses for decades, creating conventional wisdom out of absolutely weird, convoluted stuff, using of course media, all media at their disposal to do so. President Obama’s campaign staff was filled with social psychologists. The important thing about this is, Rush Limbauch said,  “that if you believe that […] conservatives can fight this and oppose this on reason and logic alone, you’re kidding yourself.” [2]  Like Morabito noted in her piece, “American conservatives are by and large clueless about propaganda methods and tactics. And it shows. There are virtually no conservative social psychologists around.”  [3] Mass delusion is an important tool of oppressors because they can’t survive free expression. That’s why the First Amendment’s a target.” [2] Right now even benign reminders of the First Amendment—embodied in Religious Freedom Restoration Acts—are quickly dispatched by mob hysteria. [3] Free expression is the enemy of the left. The First Amendment, free expression is the enemy of all of these leftist groups try to transform the culture.  Anybody who engages in it becomes the target for destruction.  Getting fired, having everything about them possible ruined.  That’s the objective because free speech has got to be so scary to people that they don’t engage in it.  [2] While they try to tell you that they are the epitome of liberation, they are the epitome of freedom, they are the epitome of free this and free that, it’s the exact opposite.  They are oppressors, Limbauch said. [2]   Because if you want to know what happens if you do not conform, if you do not agree, if you do not openly support… Well, look what happens you if you have a pizza shop. Look what happens to you if you have a bakery. Look what happens to you if you have a photography business.  Have you heard about the Department of Homeland Security agent who has been stripped of her gun, nearly lost her daughter, and has had her life destroyed simply because she blew the whistle on an immigration visa program? [2] Limbauch then goes on to explain how leftists intimidate people in the public sphere to bow down to their ridiculous agenda:

It’s really stunning.  This unraveling is happening at a rapid pace, and you could be branded a hater, you could be fired, you could be targeted on Twitter, and you could be held up for public ridicule by everybody else who’s fallen for this consensus with one slip.  That’s why everybody conforms, that’s why everybody caves and goes along ’cause they don’t want to be the target of these people, and it’s very clear what happens to targets.  Cake stores, photography stores, pizza stores, just three examples.  [2]

rapemind  Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is a Tool For Centralizing Power rapemindThere’s no freedom with these people. There’s total conformation, conformity with the consensus or else.  The point that it makes is that we have been under attack — our culture has been under attack and assault — for decades now by something called psychological warfare. [2] The worst part of is that we knew it was coming and we got caught off-guard anyway. Nearly 100 years ago, Walter Lippmann wrote about “the manufacture of consent” in his classic work, “Public Opinion.” On the heels of that book, Edward Bernays penned a little volume called “Propaganda,” in which he stated that an elite would always be responsible for making the public aware of “new ideas” which the public would then act upon as the elite nudged them into it. Related, but more in-depth is Jacques Ellul’s 1962 book, “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.” [3] Morabito also point her readers to one of the best books that cracks the code on what we are living through. This book entitled “The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing” was written by Dutch psychiatrist Joost A. M. Meerloo about 60 years ago. Mull over the first line of his book’s forward, and you will think he is writing about today: “This book attempts to depict the strange transformation of the free human mind into an automatically responding machine – a transformation which can be brought about by some of the cultural undercurrents in our present-day society as well as by deliberate experiments in the service of a political ideology.” [3]

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