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Elder Could Be Exhumed After Burial Location Offends Muslims

Kicked Out of his Tomb by Offended Muslims?

shadrack-smith  Elder Could Be Exhumed After Burial Location Offends Muslims shadrack smith

Mr Shadrack Smith

A grieving family may have to exhume their grandfather and move his body to a different location after a Muslim family who owned a plot next to the burial site complained that the man was a non-believer.  [1] On January 30 2015, Mr Shadrack Smith, 89, was laid to rest last month in Lychgate Lane Cemetery in Burbage, Leicestershire, after over 400 people attended his funeral, including his eight children, 25 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren. [4] But since then Burbage Parish Council, which operates the grave yard, has received a complaint about his burial from a muslim family that doesn’t want their people to be burried next to an “infidel.” [4] Smith, who lived in an official gipsy camp in nearby Aston Firs for more than 20 years was described as a popular figure within in Romany community. His family paid for £2500 for three plots located in a “multi-faith” cemetery, and he was buried facing towards his home, as is the tradition in his community. But this proved unacceptable to the so-far unnamed Muslim family, according to the Daily Mail. [2]

gypsy-burial  Elder Could Be Exhumed After Burial Location Offends Muslims gypsy burialThe Parish Council received the request from the Muslim family to have him exhumed. [4] Julie Perrin, principle officer for Burbage Parish Council, described the initial complaint from the Muslim family as “strongly worded” and “vociferous”. [6]  The local council was supposed to meet the day after to make a final decision on the matter.  Not long after the funeral, the principal officer of the council wrote to Smith’s family asking if they would consider moving his body to a different plot. The family were also asked if their third plot could be used to plant a hedge to separate it from the plot owned by the Muslim family.  “This whole thing has devastated our family,” Smith’s daughter-in-law, Tracey Smith, told the Telegraph.  “We were told when we bought the plots that it was a multi-faith cemetery and it is, but the council has been so unsupportive,” [4] she added, deploring how “the council has tried to bend over backwards to please the Muslim family.”  [1] The family has promised to fight tooth and nail to prevent Smith from being exhumed. [1] [4] The family thinks they have been treated like if they were guilty of something: “We have done nothing wrong, it’s disgusting. We have not been able to grieve because of all this drama, and it’s been awful.” [4] Council chairman Richard Flemming said: “We are sympathetic to the feelings of both families.” [5]

Pamela Geller: The U.K. is Gone!

pam  Elder Could Be Exhumed After Burial Location Offends Muslims pam

Pamela Geller

Author and commentator Pamela Geller, who was banned from entering the UK in 2013 over her vehement criticism of radical Islam, says the story highlights how the United Kingdom is being subsumed by the creeping imposition of Sharia law.  “The cemetery should have kicked these vicious ghouls out — but instead, a beloved figure faces exhumation. Death apartheid,” [3] comments Geller, who notes that the rules for the cemetery make no mention of segregation based on religion.  “The UK is gone. My banning pales next to what we are witnessing in that once-great nation,” she wrote. [3] ”Either they will just go quietly, subsumed by Islam, or there will be a civil war. I suspect the former.”  [3] “It’s like the world is under some sort of evil spell,” notes Geller, asking if “seventh-century apartheid and sharia” is about to be imposed in the UK. [3]

The cemetery is run by the Brubage city council which, for some idiotic reason, is taking responsibility for a “cock up.” Chairman of the parish council, Councillor Richard Flemming told the media it was all the council’s fault.

Burbage Parish Council provides an award-winning cemetery for the benefit of the whole community. The cemetery is multi-faith and non-denominational, providing a number of interment and memorial options in a peaceful, serene, picturesque environment. Unfortunately the parish council has recently received representation from two families regarding the allocation of adjacent grave plots within Burbage Cemetery. The parish council is sympathetic to the feelings of both families concerned and is committed to working with the relatives and the wider community to reach an amicable and acceptable solution. [11]

Another Example of the Arrogance, Hate, and Incivility of Islam

warner_todd_huston_march  Elder Could Be Exhumed After Burial Location Offends Muslims warner todd huston march

Warner Todd Huston

“Of course, the proper solution is to tell the Muslims that if they don’t want to have their loved ones buried in a public, non-denominational cemetery then they should move their dead relative and shut the hell up about it,” writes Chicago-based freelance writer and Right Wing News contributor, Warner Todd Huston.  “This is yet another example of the arrogance, hate, and incivility of Islam. Worse, it is another example of a spineless western government wringing hands over antisocial Muslim intransigence.”  [11] The story highlights concerns about Muslims being treated as a superior class of citizen over fears of local authorities being labeled racist. [1]  In the aftermath of the Rotherham rape scandal, it emerged that the Labour government council in the town had covered-up the systematic sexual abuse and trafficking of mainly young white girls by Muslim rape gangs due to concerns of being seen as “politically incorrect”. [1]  Last year, Paul Weston, chairman of Liberty GB, was arrested after he gave a speech which quoted remarks made by Winston Churchill about Islam. Weston was arrested on charges of “religious or racial harassment” after a member of the public complained. [1]


The Family Finaly Won: Shadrack Smith Won’t be Exumed After All

Sean Smith, 47, is pictured with his wife Tracey, 46, at Burbage Cemetery  Elder Could Be Exhumed After Burial Location Offends Muslims Grandad grave muslim

Sean Smith, 47, is pictured with his wife Tracey, 46, at Burbage Cemetery

Shadrack ‘Shady’ Smith will finally be left at peace after the Ministry of Justice – the only authority with the power to grant an exhumation licence – said there was “no way” he would be moved, the Express reported. [6]  The local council also met to discuss the segregation issue but stressed that at no stage were the family asked to move their loved one. They also stressed that exhumation has never been discussed as an option and would be an official matter for the Home Office to rule on anyway. [6]  A Burbage Parish Council said there had been a “misunderstanding on the part of the family complaining” who may have wrongly believed that the plot was segregated solely for Muslims.  [6] However a MoJ spokesman said that without the permission of Mr Smith’s family, no exhumation licence could be granted. [6] But whatever the verdict, he said that the council was “sympathetic to the feelings of both families concerned” and is “committed to reaching an amicable and acceptable solution.” [6]

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