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Disgusting: German Government Funds Pro-Jihad Infomercial

jihad-idiot  Disgusting: German Government Funds Pro-Jihad Infomercial jihad idiotThe Federal political education agency which inherited Nazi-era Joseph Goebbels’s state propaganda machine has released a new video encouraging young Muslim women in Germany to pursue jihad.   Entitled ‘Mein Jihad’, the video opens by translating jihad into German, calling it ‘Anstrengung’, or ‘Kampf’ — literally Mein Kampf, or ‘my struggle‘ — and works to put a positive spin on the global phenomenon of jihad.  Claiming the points made are agreed on by “most Muslim scholars”, the video states even in the seventh century “the jihad was not a license for unrestricted killing”, and that the last jihad ended in the 16th century.   Referring back to the undefined body of “most” Muslim scholars cited by the film, it reminds the viewer they say “military jihad must only be used defensively”.  Cutting to a live-action sequence, a young Muslim woman explains that to her, fighting jihad is about being a productive member of society and bettering herself. Staring down the barrel of the camera, she woman explains: “My personal jihad starts by getting up in the morning and following the call to prayer instead of staying in bed”.  Rather than paying heed to a more conventional idea of jihad — the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “a war fought by Muslims to defend or spread their beliefs” — the woman recalls how jihad means accommodation and compromise with Western civilisation. She said:

“My jihad means being patient with my fellow human beings, even if they get angry with me and despite offered compromises, stay stubborn. My jihad means telling the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it gets, and always listening closely when my friends tell their stories, no matter how stressed I am”.

Among the several other desirable qualities the German political education agency shoehorns into the script to build an idea of a Westernised, non-violent jihad – the woman also lists being friendly, acting with kindness, helping others, and speaking out — “offering others my voice”.  Today’s Jihad movement as a branch of political Islam has a goal to expand into Europe. Access to German territory and by replacing the population, they can use Germany and other Nordic countries as a stepping stone towards making Europe an Islamic continent, which has been a stated goal by many Imam’s.

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