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Crazy Swedish MP Want to Convert the Garages of Swedes Into Housing for Immigrants sweden housing migrant in g 620x330

Crazy Swedish MP Want to Convert the Garages of Swedes Into Housing for Immigrants

FredrikSchulte  Crazy Swedish MP Want to Convert the Garages of Swedes Into Housing for Immigrants FredrikSchulte

MP Fredrik Schulte

Sweden continues to sign its own death warrant as its elected officials do everything in their power to show how ‘generous’ and ‘tolerant’ they are to the hordes of sub-Saharan Africans and middle-eastern muslims who have flooded their nation. [4] Make villa owners’ garages into immigrant housing that taxpayers then pay for – was the delusional proposal presented by conservative MP Fredrik Schulte (M) in the parliament last Friday.  [2] Schulte’s political party is the Moderaterna (the Moderate Party) and it is supposed to stands as the Swedish equivalent of the UMP (Republican Party).  It is almost a joke to call the Swedish centre right conservative, but they are nonetheless called that, and it is by far the best example of how far the so-called conservatives in Europe have drifted from their traditional ideology. It also very clearly shows the difference between traditional-right and the new-right. [1] The case of Sweden is always interesting when you study Cultural Marxism because no other country in Europe manages to bring forth one outright idiotic suggestion after another in such quick succession while their own society is burning. Sweden is a candle that is being burnt from both ends and soon there will be nothing left. It is a frightening reminder to all of us on what will happen if we do not stand up and say that enough is enough. [1]

sweden-muslim-350-8379259  Crazy Swedish MP Want to Convert the Garages of Swedes Into Housing for Immigrants sweden muslim 350 8379259

Swedish Muslims

“We have a big problem with housing shortages,” stated Schulte.  Do you want a family from the third world residing in your garage? So hopes the moderate parliamentary politician Fredrik Schulte, and he suggested it during a parliamentary debate last Friday, when he presented the radical proposal to rebuild the Swede’s garages to housing for all the immigrants who are flooding into the country and have nowhere to stay.  – What if it was fiscally very advantageous to have a garage that you build into a residence, an apartment, which you can then rent out to someone who have newly arrived, he suggested during the debate and continued:  We have a big problem with lack of housing, the Migration Board have 9000 who have been granted residence permits but do not have anywhere to stay.  Schulte then suggested that the Swedish family that the immigrants live with should act as “pilots” and help the immigrants into society. The reform, he wants to be paid for by the taxpayer, including a deduction for those families who rebuilt their garage into immigrant housing.  At this point, they only encourage individuals to accommodate clandestine immigrants by promising tax deductions. But no doubt that the next step will be to make this mandatory, for example by taxing heavily all garages that have not yet been transformed into housing for immigrants. [6] Once again, we have disingenuous white liberals trying to build “understanding” between themselves and third-world immigrants who have come to leech as well as culturally transform their host nations. This traitorous politician thinks that such a plan will “build support and understanding and trust for Swedish openness.” [4] As you can see, the level of delusion in his statements shows how far removed the political elite of Sweden are from the people they are supposedly representing. [1]

Bangladeshi Muslim protesters shout slogans as they burn a Swedish flag during a protest against social networking website facebook for holding a competition on caricatures of Prophet Mohammed, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Friday, May 28, 2010. According to news reports, Swedish artist Lars Vilks has angered many Muslims by drawing highly blasphemous caricature of the Prophet. (AP Photo/Pavel Rahman)  Crazy Swedish MP Want to Convert the Garages of Swedes Into Housing for Immigrants Sweden 3

When we think about it, the level of deception and sickness of the mind that such whites people have is absolutely unbelievable! No other race in human history has worked so diligently to dispossess itself from the face of the earth. Strangely enough, only whites, of all racial groups, continue to devise policies to displace themselves from the very lands they’ve founded in order to promote “understanding” and “tolerance.” [4]  It is probable that the African and muslims immigrants laugh at how insane and suicidal the white man has become. They may not declare it openly for whites to hear, but they’ve got to be pleasantly bewildered at our strange policies that encourage them to arrive in huge numbers, provide them with public assistance, fawn over them, and permit their culture to dominate and eventually replace the indigenous one. [4]

As crazy as he sounds, one does not even have to be a mind reader or expert in body-language to see and understand that the MP is being serious. Below you can watch the video from the Swedish parliament translated to English.

[3] M-förslag: Bygg om folks garage till invandrarbostäder, FriaTider, 7 juni 2015 kl 20.44


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