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Climate Activist DiCaprio Flew Private Jet 6 Times in 6 Weeks dicaprio private jet 620x330

Climate Activist DiCaprio Flew Private Jet 6 Times in 6 Weeks

dicaprio-global-warming-sca  Climate Activist DiCaprio Flew Private Jet 6 Times in 6 Weeks dicaprio global warming scaHollywood superstar and fake environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is again being accused of being a hypocrit after it was recently reported that he boarded a private jet six separate times in a six-week period last year.  [1] While things for Sony Pictures may have finally blown over publicly in the months since the hacking scandal that overtook the studio in November, Thursday, Wikileaks published a searchable database of 173,132 emails and 30,287 separate documents taken from Sony last year. [3]  Radar Online reports some of the documents included corporate travel records for the studio, and they show that DiCaprio took six roundtrip private jet flights during April and May 2014, all paid for by Sony.  According to the leaked documents, 0n April 17, 2014, Leo flew from Los Angeles to New York at a cost of $63,000 for a filmmaker’s meeting that, it was noted, could only be done in person.  Ten days later, his then-girlfriend Toni Garrn was listed as a guest on the return flight to Los Angeles, with an additional cost of $63,000, plus $3,000 in food catering and $300 spent on car service.  [1] [5] On May 4, Leo again flew from Los Angeles to New York, this time at a cost of $37,306.60, plus $1,506.60 in catering and $800 in car service. The site reports that trip was also listed as a “meeting.”  He then went back to Los Angeles on May 31, at a cost of $55,000. His mother Irmelin DiCaprio and friend Lukas Haas were also listed as expected passengers, according to Radar Online.  [5] It was announced in March that DiCaprio had partnered up with Netflix to create a series of environmental and conservation-themed documentaries, which are planned to air exclusively on the streaming service.  [4] Just two weeks ago, he went public with plans to transform his uninhabited private island off the coast of Belize into an eco-resort and conservation area, with hopes of “healing” the property and pampering its wealthy guests.  [6] Leonardo DiCaprio takes the global warming hoax so seriously that he demands massive government intervention. Plants that require CO2 for sustenance owe a debt of gratitude to DiCaprio, whose carbon footprint is gargantuan. He makes up for this by calling for the government to lower our standard of living. [9] We remember that last September, Leo addressed the United Nations regarding climate change, where he said:

I believe humankind has looked at climate change in that same way: as if it were a fiction, happening to someone else’s planet, as if pretending that climate change wasn’t real would somehow make it go away.…. None of this is rhetoric, and none of it is hysteria. It is fact. The scientific community knows it, Industry and governments know it, even the United States military knows it. The chief of the US navy’s Pacific command, admiral Samuel Locklear, recently said that climate change is our single greatest security threat. [2]

DiCaprio has said he is “not an expert” on climate change, and his lifestyle has drawn criticism in the past. [1] [7] Nevertheless, the United Nations named him a U.N. Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change. “Mr. DiCaprio is a credible voice in the environmental movement, and has a considerable platform to amplify its message,” U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon explained. “I am pleased he has chosen to add his voice to U.N. efforts to raise awareness of the urgency and benefits of acting now to combat climate change.” [7] During the same week in September 2014, DiCaprio received a Clinton Global Initiative Award for his work in protecting the environment, participated in the People’s Climate March in New York City, and delivered a speech at the U.N. Climate Change Summit. [7] DiCaprio has narrated four videos about the climate crisis that are posted on the Green World Rising website, which is funded by his own foundation. The website suggests that each of us “lead by example in reducing our own ‘carbon footprints’ at home, at work, and at school.” [7] “He’s a high-profile advocate of environmental causes, believes the world must act now to combat the effects of global climate change and is producing documentaries about endangered species. But accusations of hypocrisy have also dogged Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, with detractors accusing him of not practicing what he preaches,” the Daily Mail observed. [8]

As reported by Radar Online, in 2014, the Natural Resources Defense Council called The Wolf of Wall Street actor a “hypocrite” for traveling the world on private jets and mega-yachts, as seen in this video:

It’s not the first time that DiCaprio is exposed as the fraud he really is. Not so long ago, The Daily Mail reported  that DiCaprio took at least 20 trips across the nation and around the world this year alone – including numerous flights from New York to Los Angeles and back, a ski vacation to the French Alps, another vacation to the French Riviera, flights to London and Tokoyo to promote his film Wolf of Wall Street, two trips to Miami and trip to Brazil to watch the World Cup. […] Additionally, DiCaprio owns at least four homes: two apartments in New York and mansions in Hollywood and Palm Springs. He also recently sold an estate in Malibu for $17 million. [8]

[2] Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCaprio at the UN: ‘Climate change is not hysteria – it’s a fact’, The Guardian, Tuesday 23 September 2014 14.49 BST


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