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Home / Sexuality / Gender identity / Twisted as Fuck: CBC Encourages People to Bring their “LGBT Child” at the Gay Pride Parade

Twisted as Fuck: CBC Encourages People to Bring their “LGBT Child” at the Gay Pride Parade

gay-pride-degenerates  Twisted as Fuck: CBC Encourages People to Bring their "LGBT Child" at the Gay Pride Parade gay pride degenerates

This is what this Phd student in education suggest you do with your kids this summer….

Filed under the category “learning,” CBC (which is a state sponsored mainstream media in Canada by the way) recently published a strange piece written by a gay PhD student in education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education who also acts as a consultant on matters relating to sexual orientation and gender identity in middle schools and primary schools.  The man say he’s working with GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances, now Gender and Sexuality Alliances) which is a student-run club which “provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia.” [1] The article is entitled “Taking Your LGBT Child to Their First Pride.” Just the title of this article should make any sane parent goes banana. It certainly makes me want to throw up.  But curiously for LGBT activists and gay academics this is just fine.  To explain his position the author stupidly ask: “what under-10-year-old doesn’t love an event that’s bursting with rainbows and glitter?” [2]  This is how deluded these people are.  First of all if your kid is really a “kid” he doesn’t have a fucking clue whether he is LGBT, a Jedi Knight or a Power Ranger.  OK?  There is no LGBT childs.  Period.  To call them and treat them as LGBT at this age cannot be anything else than brainwashing.  So in this context bringing your kid to the gay pride parade is merely presenting him/her with “toys” that are not of his age and possibly even a form of child abuse.  Get it? It’s not that complicated to understand. Forget all about the stupid rainbows and just think about it for a minute. In which twisted world taking children to a highly sexualised booze filled party is solid parenting?  The author of this shitty article admits that obviously if you bring your kid at the gay pride parade he is most likely to see some old dude’s schlong, guys with tits, naked fat lesbians, drag queens and an endless number of degenerates dancing and mimicking the sex act on allegorical chariots.

Because Pride is about freedom of expression (among other things) there will likely be a small number of naked people there. You can encourage your young people to look away from anything they don’t want to see — there will be lots of other things to look at. [1]

Be open-minded. Your kids will probably see boobs and penises. There will bodies of all shapes, sizes and in all states of undress. For parents like Ian Duncan, dad to 3-year-old Carson, this is all part of the appeal. “We’re not body shamers,” he says. “It all feeds into my son’s emotional intelligence and sexual development. And it’s never too early to think about that.” Consider the experience as a great opportunity for some interesting discussion. Explain what you’re seeing, and be ready for questions. [2]

gay-pride-idiots  Twisted as Fuck: CBC Encourages People to Bring their "LGBT Child" at the Gay Pride Parade gay pride idiots

In which twisted world taking children to a highly sexualised booze filled party is solid parenting?

genders_92c367_6221544  Twisted as Fuck: CBC Encourages People to Bring their "LGBT Child" at the Gay Pride Parade Genders 92c367 6221544As you can see we’re wandering pretty far from family values and common sense here.  But it gets worse. What is the “healthy” manner to behave when you see a bunch of naked old dudes hanging out near your kid…? What should you do when you realize that because of the difference in height, all these naked dudes walking around  have their dicks hanging at six inches from your kid’s face?  Of course twenty-five years ago you would never even bother to ask a question like this one.  Those dudes would get punched in the nose pretty fast.  But in the era of SJWs and snowflakes what is the “politically correct” way to react?  Well, as you might expect, according to this academic you should be complimenting them. He recommends: “Model only making positive comments about other people.” [1]  No surprise here.  He’s playing the “tolerance” card. But this doesn’t answer the essential question: why the fuck does he think it is a positive experience for your kid to spend a day surrounded by drunk half naked degenerates?  His surprisingly honest answer may surprise you. He admits that it’s like a day at the shopping mall.  The added value of being there is that “they see possibility models of who they want to be in the future.” [1]  Yes, you heard right… just like that… Even a Phd student in education admit it.  They want your kids there because they want them to “shop” for a non-biological gender identity (i.e. a mental disorder) and some decadent patterns of behavior.  He explains:

At Pride, you will encounter possibility models that make you hopeful for your child’s future, and ones that make you nervous. So will they. Who they see as a positive possibility model and who you do may be different, and that’s okay too. Practice listening rather than telling. Let them talk about what they see as interesting, inspiring or definitely not them. [1]

If you think that a booze fuelled parade loaded with drunk naked degenerates, trannies and drag queens mimicking anal sex in the streets is bad enough, the author warns us: “remember that there will be some events that are not accessible to children.” [1] We already have naked dudes, trannies and people dancing and mimicking the sex act everywhere in the street in the family friendly part of the show… what do you think is going on in these “private” and more “restricted” events?  Imagine the incredible cultural enrichments that are available there.  If you think that you’re too old for this shit they will forgive you as long as you stay respectful and accepting. But one thing is sure: they certainly look forward for your kids to reach their majority so they too can attend and join the fun. Maybe even before that.  At least now the ice is broken.  Whether you like it or not,  from now on your kids know where to find the “party.”

cbc-is-full-of-shit  Twisted as Fuck: CBC Encourages People to Bring their "LGBT Child" at the Gay Pride Parade cbc is full of shit

Jut to give you a peek at what kind of intellectual sewer the state sponsored medias really are in Canada.

[1] J Wallace Skelton, Taking Your LGBT Child to Their First Pride,, Jun 16, 2017
[2] Alice Lawlor, 7 Tips for Having a Happy Pride with Your Kids,, Jun 30, 2016


About Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace is a self-fashioned writter, a computer programmer and cybermarketer from Quebec City, Canada who decided to enter the political arena after his disillusionment with the socialist system under which he was living in the French Canadian province of Quebec.
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