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Carl the Cuck: The Typical Brainwashed Liberal

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Carl the Cuck.

Not much is known about Carl the Cuck. Aside from memorable quotes such as “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” and “Are you serious?!”, Carl has thus far evaded the collective Internet’s dox cannon and managed to walk away reasonably unscathed. Based on what’s available, it’s fair to conclude that Carl the Cuck is an avid Redditor and his nerdy submissive white male appearance lends to him living up to his name. There may be a Carl the Cuck in your own neighborhood if you happen to live near a liberal arts college. His receding hairline and bean-pole physique give way to the theory that he is also a vegan.  According to the Encyclopedia Dramatica, his real name is Tomas Daniel Contreras and he lives his parents live in San Diego, California and is a student of Washington University. Reddit claimed credit for his doxing. [2]

On March 17th, Redditor turtledan87 uploaded a Just Girly Things-style image macro titled “#JustCarlThings” with the caption “Asking your wife’s boyfriend to vote for Sanders” (shown below). Within 24 hours, the post gained over 5,000 votes (65% upvoted) on the /r/The_Donald[3] subreddit. [1] [3]

CuckCarl_VoteSanders  Carl the Cuck: The Typical Brainwashed Liberal CuckCarl VoteSanders

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